Benefit information for City of Austin Retirees.

Retiree Benefits Information

Welcome to the City of Austin Retiree Benefits webpage!

City of Austin retirees and surviving dependents of City retirees have access to benefits approved by the City Council each year as part of the budget process. Please note, benefits and services offered by the City may be changed or terminated at any time.

Below you will find contact information for the vendors that provide services to city retirees and their dependents. Plan documents, claim activity, provider search can be found on the websites listed below.

Medicare Advantage Information

Benefits Guide

2024 Retiree Benefits Guide (PDF) 


Austin area In-Network Pharmacies for Flu Shots (PDF)

Benefit Vendor Phone Number/Website

Medicare Advantage PPO 

Group No. PTX00025

Blue Cross Blue Shield


PPO - 246681
HMO - 246682
CDHP - 246684

Blue Cross Blue Shield

2024 PPO SBC (PDF)

2024 HMO SBC (PDF)



Dental PPO –

Group No. 300189



Dental HMO –

Group No. 151630

Blue Cross Blue Shield

BlueCare Dental (PDF)











Group No. 151630


Avesis (PDF)


Cobra & Self Pay Pay Flex


457 Plan

Empower Retirement

457 Plan Highlights (PDF)


Employee Assistance Program




Tobacco Cessation 101 

Retirees and their dependents on a City traditional medical plan who use tobacco products are subject to a $25.00 Tobacco Premium per pay check. To waive the Tobacco Premium the retiree must complete the Tobacco Cessation 101 Program. Follow these instructions to complete the Tobacco Cessation 101 Program

Diabetes Control Program

Retirees and their dependents on a City traditional medical plan are eligible to participate in the City's Diabetes Control Program. For 2024, part of the Diabetes Control Program requirements includes completing the Lifestyle Management Class, that is available as an on-demand webinar. Follow these instructions to complete the DCP Lifestyle Management Class. 

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Need Help?

If you have questions about your benefits or need to make changes during the year, please call the Employee Benefits Division at 512-974-3284.

Retirement Systems Contact Information

City of Austin Employee's Retirement System (COAERS) - 512-458-2551

Austin Fire Fighters Relief and Retirement Fund - 512-454-9567

City of Austin Police Retirement System - 512-416-7672



Retail Prescription Reimbursement Form (PDF)

Prescription Mail Order Form (PDF)

Prescription Mail Order Form - Spanish (PDF)