The Signs & Markings division is responsible for installation and maintenance of signs and street markings for the public in order to provide for the purpose of guiding, warning, or regulatory traffic by providing safe and efficient movement of goods and services.

Street markings include but are not limited to: lane lines, painted curbs, delineators, concrete domes, reflective road pavement markings, crosswalks, stop lines, yield lines, parking stall lines, arrows, bike symbols, and word markings. In addition, this division is responsible for producing and maintaining all street signs within the City of Austin’s full jurisdiction.

All Signs and Markings follow the TMUTCD guidelines.

Report Sign or Marking Maintenance

You can report maintenance needed for a traffic sign or marking by dialing 3-1-1 or 512-974-2000. Alternatively, you can also download the 3-1-1 app on your mobile device, send an email to 3-1-1, or complete a service request form online. To learn more about Austin 3-1-1 you can also visit their webpage.

Maintenance Plans

The Signs & Markings Division has developed two large-scale maintenance plans to more proactively maintain Austin Transportation assets, provide more accurate reporting and enhanced work planning. These plans allow for more efficient allocation of staffing, budget, and resources by providing an optimized and coordinated schedule for asset maintenance between the Signs and Markings work groups.

The Sign Maintenance Plan establishes which signs will be maintained each fiscal year on an 8 year plan and ensures that the City of Austin is adhering to federal standards on sign retroreflectivity and sign condition. The Markings Maintenance Plan provides a work plan for the maintenance of crosswalks and long line assets (arterial and collector roads) for each fiscal year on 2 and 4 year schedules. The crosswalks are seperated into 4 categories of maintenance plan schedules: