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    Special Events in Austin

    Austin Center for Events (ACE)
    Oversees permitting and planning for special events and festivals:

    Amplified Sound

    Outdoor Music Venue Permits: Contact Brian Block in the City of Austin Development Services Department for information on permit requirements and application.

    • Issued to outdoor live music venues for amplified sound.
    • Apply for an OMV Permit, click here.
    • Applicant Prepared Notice Agreement, click here.

    Outdoor Amplified Music in Residential Neighborhoods

    • Outdoor Music Venue Permits may not be issued for the use of sound equipment located within 100 feet of property zoned and used as "residential".
    • Amplified sound without a permit is only allowed in residential areas 10am to 10pm CST and up to 75 decibels.

    Noise OrdinanceChapter 9-2: Noise and Amplified Sound

    Creative Space Permitting & Development Support

    The Development Process Team supports small businesses and homeowners through the permitting and development process by:

    • Providing information about the development process.
    • Offering a single point of contact for the duration of your project.
    • Connecting you with the right resources every step of the way.

    Contact the Development Process Team at (512) 974-1040 or

    Film & Media Production

    Street Performance

    Street performing (a.k.a. "busking") is legal in Austin and does not require a permit unless you are performing in a City park. Please obey the following City Code requirements and best practices:

    • Acoustic performances only, with sound at 85 decibels or under - NO amplification allowed.
    • Don’t block sidewalks.
    • Noise or music cannot be audible to a nearby business or residence after 10:30 PM CST.
    • Always cooperate with Austin Police requests.
    • Safety first! Make sure you’re performing where people can safely gather without danger of stepping into a roadway.
    • Performing Artists in the Parks Permits: Performing artists are allowed to entertain in the parks provided they are registered with and approved by the Parks and Recreation Department.  The permit fee for performing artists is $10 per day, and permits may be purchased in two-week increments. Please call 512-974-6797 for information.

    State of Texas Regulations & Tax Requirements for Venues / Special Events

    Music & Entertainment Services

    Serves as an ombudsman and resource for creatives and creative businesses about City operating, permitting, and code enforcement requirements, and acts as a liaison for these groups to other City Departments. Contact Kim McCarson for details: