Traffic Light

Traffic and Parking

These programs below help manage traffic and parking across the City of Austin.

  • Local Area Traffic Management

    The Local Area Traffic Management program (LATM) is a request-based program to improve the quality and safety of neighborhood streets by installing traffic calming devices along with the requested street segments.

  • Parking Benefit Districts

    Parking benefit districts (PBD) are designed to improve the availability of on-street parking and promote greater walking, cycling, and transit use.

  • Residential Permit Parking

    Austin’s Residential Permit Parking Program is an initiative designed to give residents a better chance of finding an on-street parking space in their neighborhood.

  • Parking and Transportation Management District

    A Parking and Transportation Management District (PTMD) is a defined geographic area that may include a mix of retail, entertainment, commercial, medical, educational, civic, and residential uses in which City Council finds that traffic flow on public streets requires a higher level of management than commonly provided and determines that parking meters will facilitate traffic flow objectives.

  • Vision Zero

    All crashes that injure and kill people are preventable, and Austin has embarked on a focused effort to eliminate them. Our community’s Vision Zero Action Plan sets forth an ambitious goal of reducing traffic crash deaths and serious injuries to zero by 2025.


Accident Report Form

If you are a ground transportation company and need to file an accident report, please click here to print out the form (PDF) and return to the parking division by fax at (512)974-1560 or by mail to 1111 Rio Grande Street, Austin Texas 78701.

Capital Metro provides bus and rail service throughout Austin. For information on schedules and locations, please visit them online at

Charter Bus Service Permit Application

Want to apply to obtain a Charter Bus Service Permit for all vehicles with a passenger capacity of 16 or more? Complete and submit a Charter Bus Service Permit Application.

Chauffeur Permit Application

Need a new, renewal or amended chauffeur's permit? Complete and submit a Chauffeur Permit Application (pdf).

Do you have a complaint about a vehicle for hire? File a complaint online, or download and submit the Ground Transportation Complaint Form.

Ground Transportation Operating Authority Application

Want to apply to obtain an operating authority for a limousine, charter, shuttle, airport shuttle, pedicab or horse-drawn carriage company? Complete and submit a Ground Transportation Ordinance Application.

Ground Transportation Service Providers

New/Replacement Ground Transportation Equipment

Do you need to add new vehicles or replace existing vehicles to your ground transportation operating authority? Complete the Report of New/Replacement Equipment Form to report your equipment.

Parking Services

View the Parking Division services to find information about valet parking, chauffeur permits, limousine and taxicab permits and ground transportation services.

PHBs are pedestrian activated warning devices. The beacon consists of two red lights above a single yellow light. The beacon head is "dark" or unlit until a pedestrian activates the device.

Services offered by the Right of Way Management Division include Permitting, Traffic Control Plan/Review, Utility Coordination, Safety and Mobility in the ROW, and Code Compliance.  View the Division's page here.

Sidewalk Cafes and Street Patios

Sidewalk cafés add vibrancy, amenities, and people to Austin streets. They support local businesses, create a sense of place in neighborhoods and business districts, beautify the streetscape, and create walkable destinations for residents.

Special Event Temporary Ground Transportation Permit - CHARTER BUS

To add temporary, additional vehicles to an already existing/permitted charter bus fleet to operate during a special event in Austin, you will need one of these permits. The City Code limits the additional vehicles to 100% of the already exiting/permitted fleet. Click here to download the application

Community groups and event organizers use Street Banners as a cost-effective, high-impact, place-based tool for engaging the public, promoting events, raising awareness, and communicating key messages.

The street name change process involves submittal of an application, payment of a non-refundable processing fee, property owner and governmental entity notifications, and approval from the Austin City Council in the form of an ordinance.

Taxicab Franchising

Need to apply for taxicab business franchising? View criteria needed for taxicab franchising and submit a Taxicab Franchising Application.

Temporary Supplemental Limousine Permit

Complete and submit a Temporary Supplemental Vehicle Permit Application to report a temporary supplemental vehicle.

The purpose of a traffic signal is to provide an equitable balance of safe and efficient movements of all roadway users through an intersection. An appropriately installed traffic signal improves traffic safety and mobility for all roadway users.


The Austin Transportation Department is one of several governmental departments and agencies responsible for building, maintaining, and planning transportation in Austin. Here is a list of our partners and a little bit about what they do.

Vehicle Immobilization (Booting)

The State of Texas allows municipalities to regulate booting as long as local regulations meet certain minimum requirements.