If you were not responsible for a disabled parking offense either because you possessed a valid disabled parking placard at the time or because the vehicle was sold, stolen, rented, leased, or loaned, you can use this notarized form to provide documentation to the court.

1. Identify the full name and address of the person responsible for the vehicle when the citation was issued.

2. Fill out the disabled parking non-liability affidavit (PDF, 389 KB) to show you weren't responsible for the offense. Do not sign it without a notary public present.

If you submit the form in person at a Municipal Court location, a notary public will be there.

3. Get the form notarized.

You can find a notary public on the Texas Secretary of State's website.

4. Submit the form.

By mail

Mail the notarized form to:

Austin Municipal Court
P.O. Box 2135
Austin, TX 78768

By email

Attach the form to an email to

In person

You can get the form notarized and submit it at either of the two Municipal Court locations, Main Courthouse and Jaime Padron Substation.