Artbox Program

Through the Artbox Program, we strive to honor and celebrate people and cultural histories and advance equity and safety in Austin. The Artbox Program was launched in 2020 to provide Austin neighborhoods and business districts the opportunity to enhance Austin Transportation's traffic signal cabinets with community-inspired artwork created by local artists. By enhancing neighborhoods and business districts, encouraging civic pride, and highlighting the unique character of a community, the program enhances a community's beauty, pride and character for others to see, learn and enjoy.

INTERACTIVE MAP | View current Artboxes and their locations

Current Artbox Locations

  • Airport Boulevard and 12th Street
  • Airport Boulevard and Goodwin Avenue
  • Airport Boulevard and Oak Springs Drive
  • Brodie Lane and US 290 
  • Brodie Lane and Ernest Robles Way 
  • Brodie Lane and Home Depot Boulevard 
  • Brodie Lane and Oakdale Drive
  • Colorado Street and 11th Street
  • Congress Avenue and Annie Street
  • Congress Avenue and Gibson Street
  • Congress Avenue and James Street
  • Congress Avenue and Milton Street
  • Congress Avenue and Monroe Street
  • Convict Hill Road and Brush Country Road
  • Far West Boulevard and Wood Hollow Drive
  • Fourth Street and Colorado Street
  • Fourth Street and Congress Avenue
  • Fourth Street and Guadalupe Street
  • Fourth Street and Lavaca Street
  • Guadalupe Street and Third Street
  • Koenig Lane and Arroyo Seco
  • Lamar Boulevard and Riverside Drive
  • Lamar Boulevard and Rundberg Lane
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Chicon Street
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Guadalupe Street
  • Pleasant Valley Road and Lakeshore Boulevard
  • Spicewood Springs Road and Four Iron Drive
  • Stassney Lane and Jacaranda Drive
  • Stassney Lane and Menchaca Road
  • Westgate Boulevard and Jones Road

Planned Artbox Locations

  • Guadalupe Street and 17th Street 

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