The Austin Youth Council’s mission is to provide an outlet for Austin area youth to amplify their voice in their communities while generating changes within their respective community organizations.

About the Youth Council

Former Mayor Lee Leffingwell and City Council members by way of Resolution and the City of Austin initiated the Austin Youth Council in 2011. This was a focused way to bring Austin’s youth into civic engagement.

The Youth Council is made up of about 65 high school students who represent the majority of the high school population of the City of Austin. The council is structured as a general assembly with 10 elected council members that represent each of the 10 districts. Members meet once a month and discuss issues concerning youth as well as listen to presentations from City staff and outside organizations in the city. 

Benefits of being an Austin Youth Council Member

As a member serving on the Austin Youth Council, members learn Robert’s Rules of Order and how to interact in Council Meetings, District Meetings, or General Assembly Meetings. Serving on the Council not only teaches civic engagement, communication skills, and how to be an effective leader. Members who serve on the Austin Youth Council have the chance to attend state conferences and meet with their elected Council members in order to discuss issues facing the youth in their district.

“Austin Youth Council, when taken seriously and is run on passion, is a fantastic opportunity to create solutions for problems we all face each and every day, while simultaneously encouraging other youth to step up and fight for what they believe in.” – Riley B., 2013-2014 AYC Member

Youth Council Meetings

The Youth Council meets monthly following a structure meeting pattern of three types of meetings: Council Meeting, District Meeting, or General Assembly Meeting. Members discuss issues concerning youth as well as listen to presentations from City staff as well as organizations outside of the City of Austin. The Council attends state and national conferences every year, with one always taking place in Washington, D.C.  The Youth Council's district lines match up with the current city council district lines. 

Apply for Austin Youth Council

Join your fellow high schoolers in making a difference throughout your city! For instructions on how to apply, please click on the link to the application down below. Applications must be submitted properly by following instructions listed in the application.

The 2023-2024 application will be released here very soon! Keep checking this webpage for updates!


For more information, please contact us.