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Art in Cahoots Child and Caregiver Activity header image. Image of a preschool age child painting a craft project on a blue background with graphic confetti squiggles. Text reads $10 per child, Thursdays 10am to 11am, New lessons every other week. For children aged 2.5 to 5 years with an accompanying adult caregiver.

Art in Cahoots

A Creative Collaboration between Caregiver and Child

Further strengthen the one-on-one bond between caregiver and child, while being able to interact with other caregiver-child pairs. Each class will include themed group activities and collaborative, process-based art experiences. Children will build social-emotional skills, familiarize themselves with a classroom setting, and learn about art while still under the wing of a trusted caregiver.

Art in Cahoots meets on scheduled Thursdays  from 10am to 11am. Online registration is recommended prior to the event. Drop-ins may be accepted when vacancies are available, but spots are limited. Children must be 2½ years of age (30 months) in order to attend. A privacy area will be available for nursing or changing needs.

Program Dates

Art in Cahoots Program Dates

Program Dates

Lesson Enrollment Opens



TBA 9/29/2021



TBA 10/13/2021



TBA 11/3/2021



TBA 11/24/2021

Youth Program Handbooks

2021 Parent Handbook  - English (PDF)

2021 Parent Handbook - Spanish (PDF)