This information is for Mobile Food Vending Units (MFV) operating within the Austin city limits. The Austin Fire Department (AFD) conducts MFV inspections as part of the process for obtaining and maintaining annual MFV permits, issued by Austin Public Health (APH). Inspections are performed in conjunction with required health inspections. Both inspections are scheduled through APH. For more information on that process please visit: 

Below are links to help guide you through the fire inspection process.

View the AFD MFV Unit Checklist  |  En Español for a list of requirements. Required forms must be completed prior to the date of the fire inspection.

The Propane System Inspection Report  |  En Español is required, annually, for all units with Liquid Propane Gas (LPG). It is required to be filled out by a licensed LPG plumber prior to the fire inspection.

The Electrical Inspection Form  |  En Español is required, annually, for units that obtained a new permit after May 1, 2022.

Please send us an email if you have any questions about the requirements.