Guided tours of the Carver Museum are free of charge. To schedule a tour, please complete our Tour Request form, and return it to Faith Weaver by email or fax (512) 974-3699. For questions, please contact the museum staff at (512) 974-3671.

NOTE: Two weeks notice in advance is required for scheduling tours.

Photos of guided tours at the Carver Museum

Time & Duration

Tours are offered at the following times and are available on a first come, first served basis:
Monday – Friday:       By reservation from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Saturday:                    No Guided Tours Offered
Sunday:                       Museum Closed
Though tour duration may vary based on group size, the average tour length is 45 minutes to an hour.

Group Size

Tours are guided through the museum in groups of up to 30. If your group size exceeds this amount, it is recommended that you schedule your tour over a period of days, or at different times per day. (i.e. morning and afternoon)


Students and children must remain with a chaperone at all times. For groups of students and children, please observe the following adult to child ratios:

School Type and/or Average age Adult to Child Ratio
Elementary School (ages 11 and younger) one adult per five students
Middle School and High School (ages 12 and older) one adult per ten students
Special Needs Students one adult per five students

Rules / Behavior

Prior to your visit, please educate all members of your group (especially children) on the following rules of behavior:

     - No gum, candy, or other outside food or drink is allowed in the museum.
     - No running, pushing, shouting, or other horseplay is allowed.
     - Visitors may touch only those interactive exhibits that are labeled accordingly.

FLASH Photography is NOT permitted anywhere in the Museum. Photography without flash is allowed in the museum gallery, main lobby and Children’s Gallery.


If your group would like to bring a lunch to eat before or after their tour, there are picnic areas and playground equipment available for use in Kealing Park directly behind the building. Restrooms are available for visitors of the museum, and children must be accompanied to the restroom by an adult.

Re-Scheduling / Cancellation

Should you need to change or cancel your reservation, please contact the museum at least two days in advance of your scheduled tour.