Mueller Master Development Agreement between the City of Austin and Catellus Development Corporation

Master Development Agreement

Exhibit A Property

Exhibit B Hospital Property

Exhibit C Pre-MDA Phase

Exhibit D Illustrative Property Plan

Exhibit E Phasing Plan

Exhibit F Takedown Relationships

Exhibit G Backbone Infrastructure

Exhibit H Potential New Configuration of Film Society Property

Exhibit I Construction Timeframes for Offsite Infrastructure

Exhibit J Proforma

Exhibit K Project Costs

Exhibit L Public Finance Reimbursable Project Costs

Exhibit M Current Zoning

Exhibit N Affordable Housing Resolution and M/WBE Resolution

Exhibit O Fiscal Posting Credit Bank Ordinance and Mueller Visitability Amendment Ordinance

Exhibit P Form of Master License Agreements

Exhibit Q Form of Public Finance Escrow Agreement

Exhibit R Form of Project Revenue Escrow Agreement

Exhibit S Form of Special Warrantly Deed

Exhibit T Form of Special Warrantly Deed Concerning Perimeter Parks and Lake Park

Exhibit U Form of Repurchase Right

Exhibit V Lookback Illustrations

Exhibit W Design Guidelines

Exhibit X Mixed-use Community Covenant

Exhibit Y EC/TC Community Covenant

Exhibit Z Master Community Covenant