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By developing a curriculum for students in 3rd to 4th grade, our goal is to promote education through the arts: a mission that was at the core of Elisabet Ney’s own beliefs. In addition to Elisabet Ney Biography, which offers a comprehensive timeline of Ney’s history, teachers can also review the Elisabet Ney Museum Curriculum Guides. Each guide features classroom lessons and activities that can help students prepare for their fieldtrip. 

During the museum visit, each class will receive a one hour tour of Ney’s original studio space, collection of work, living quarters and the recently-restored native landscape. By referencing these sculptures, docents will lead discussions that promote critical thinking and visual literacy. The museum itself can accommodate approximately two elementary school classes at a time. With Shipe Park adjacent to the site, two additional classes can picnic while waiting for their guided tour. For more information or  to schedule a fieldtrip, please contact Lindsay Barras at 512-974-1628.