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The Development Services Department maintains records such as permits, site plans, easements, certificates of occupancy, variances, environmental inspections, maps, reports, and other related documents for projects within the City of Austin and makes them available to the public upon request.


Search for Records Online

Many records are available online by searching within the following portals:

How to Request Records and Files

For additional assistance in obtaining records or researching a property:

step 1   Submit a Public Information Request

Submit a public information request (PIR) by using one of the following methods:

step 2   Pay invoice (if required)

You will receive an email with an invoice for the cost of retrieving the archived records. The invoice must be paid before the records are retrieved.


step 3   Receive electronic documents

Once the invoice is paid, the records will be retrieved, scanned, and sent to you via email.

If you do not have access to email and would like to see the physical record, please let the staff member know you would like to see the record in person. They will notify you when it arrives at the Permitting and Development Center, and you will need to make an appointment for your visit (see the Make an Appointment section).



Physical records are not stored on-site, so walk-in services are not available. All requests for records are retrieved, scanned, and emailed to our customers. Therefore, in-person records & research appointments are only necessary if:

  • You do not have access to email, and/or you prefer to preview the records before receiving an electronic copy.
  • A request has been processed and a staff member notified you that the requested records are located on-site for your viewing.

Location: 6310 Wilhelmina Delco Drive
Expected Appointment Duration: 30 minutes

Schedule In Person AppointmentSchedule In Person Appointment