Special events within the City of Austin are required to submit waste management information as part of the Special Events Ordinance. Get information about obtaining a special event permit.

Keep material out of the landfill

Before the Event

  • Check with your event venue about on-site recycling and waste management.
  • Plan for the types of waste your event may generate.
  • Talk with vendors about how to meet the ordinance requirements.
  • Arrange for services from a licensed private hauler.
  • Make sure your landfill trash and recycling dumpsters are large enough for your event.
  • Find free reuse and recycling solutions through the Austin Materials Marketplace.
  • Use different colored bags in collection areas (clear for recycling, black for trash, green for compost).
  • Coordinate with Keep Austin Beautiful for event cleanups.
  • Create signs for your collection bins.   
  • Consider donating extra food.

During the Event

  • Announce recycling and/or compost bin locations.
  • Train volunteers show attendees how to properly discard waste.
  • Empty dumpsters and bins throughout the event, as needed.

After the Event

  • Ensure dumpsters are picked up on schedule.
  • Submit proof of services to Austin Resource Recovery.
  • Review your waste reduction and diversion efforts with Austin Resource Recovery and discuss goals for your next event.

Apply for the zero waste event rebate

Austin Resource Recovery offers a zero waste event rebate of up to $750 to help event organizers reduce waste at their events.