Special events within the City of Austin are required to submit waste management information as part of the Special Events Ordinance. Get information about obtaining a special event permit.

Keep material out of the landfill

Before the Event

  • Check with your event venue about on-site recycling and waste management.
  • Plan for the types of waste your event may generate.
  • Talk with vendors about how to meet the ordinance requirements.
  • Make sure your landfill trash and recycling dumpsters are large enough for your event.
  • Find free reuse and recycling solutions through the Austin Materials Marketplace.
  • Use different colored bags in collection areas (clear for recycling, black for trash, green for compost).
  • Coordinate with Keep Austin Beautiful for event cleanups.
  • Create signs for your collection bins.   
  • Consider donating extra food.
  • Arrange for services from a licensed private hauler.
Licensed haulers currently servicing events
Hauler Organic Diversion Recycling Landfill Trash
Balcones Resources   X  
Break it Down X X  
Organics By Gosh X    
Waste Connections   X X

*Inclusion on this list is voluntary for hauling companies to join that meet the following parameters: organics, recycling and landfill trash. This list is provided without endorsement. Get the full list of City of Austin Licensed Private Haulers. To add, delete or correct listings, please email us.

During the Event

  • Announce recycling and/or compost bin locations.
  • Train volunteers show attendees how to properly discard waste.
  • Empty dumpsters and bins throughout the event, as needed.

After the Event

  • Ensure dumpsters are picked up on schedule.
  • Submit proof of services to Austin Resource Recovery.
  • Review your waste reduction and diversion efforts with Austin Resource Recovery and discuss goals for your next event.

Apply for the zero waste event rebate

Austin Resource Recovery offers a zero waste event rebate of up to $750 to help event organizers reduce waste at their events.