Stories Through Nature: Ashe Juniper

Banner that says "Stories Through Nature: a project of the 2020 Youth Forest Council". The words are hand written and playful. The text is surrounded by illustrations of leaves.

Written by Antonia; August 26, 2020

For the last tree I would be filming in Austin, I decided to film the Ashe Juniper tree in my backyard. I’ve always loved Junipers, although I’m not entirely sure why, and it’s always been my favorite tree near my house. I’ve always watched it through my kitchen window while doing the dishes, hoping to catch sight of a cardinal or mockingbird landing on its branches. Such moments, though small, brought me a lot of happiness.  

As I sat in my backyard, beneath this tree, it began to sink in that I wouldn’t be at home for a while. Until then, I hadn’t really registered how far from home I would be and, while I didn’t feel scared about it, I felt a bit of shock regarding how big my next step in life would be. I used this moment to think about this, listening to the sound of wind chimes in the distance and birds in the trees around me.  

(Also, at one point, my neighbors’ chickens hopped over our fence and began exploring our backyard, which was very fun to watch).


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