Stories Through Nature: Greenery for the Soul

stories through nature


Written by Evelyn; October 1, 2020


Sometimes all one needs is some food for the soul. For me, spending time in nature solves that. Bike riding, hiking, or even sitting in my backyard on the trampoline as the sun sets. I am currently in a part of my life where a lot of things are changing. New doors are opening and I’m growing more curious about the world. The pandemic has caused a lot of last-minute planning, but having time to meditate helps. Feeling the breeze on my skin, the birds communicating with each other, leaves rustling. It all brings my head back down.

We all think about how nature needs us, but I think we need nature more.  

Can you guess what tree this leaf is from? My guess is here


nature map     nature blog map


greenery for the soul



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