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Austin 3-1-1 Open Data Portal Overview

Austin 3-1-1 is a proud contributor to the City of Austin Data Portal. We are excited to share service request data in the spirit of open government. The City’s Data Portal is your open government resource.


It consists of datasets approved by a City department presented in a user-friendly format.  Austin 3-1-1 is committed to transparency and providing general service request information to the public. Many of Austin’s residents are innovative tech savvy data consumers. However, the Data Portal is intended for all of Austin’s residents. Its many datasets utilize simple yet effective tools to find the data you want. For example, residents can sort and filter data, create bar charts, export data, make comments, and view data points on an interactive map. There are several video tutorials to help you interact with this data site.

Austin 3-1-1 has the privilege of serving Austin's residents and the City’s many departments. There is a tremendous amount of teamwork involved between the City’s departments to serve the diverse needs of a bustling city. Together, we strive to become the best-managed city in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I able to find service request types in the dataset?

  • Yes. Each City Department will approve the service request types that are uploaded into the Data Portal. All public service requests will be visible, except for service requests containing information protected by the Texas Public Information act. 

Am I able to find all the service request information in the dataset?

  • The general service request information will include the following fields:
Description Location Status
Method Received City Closed Date
Service Request Type Country Created Date
Service Request Code Latitude Status Date
Service Request Department Latitude & Longitude Status Description
Service Request Number Location Updated Date
  Map Page  
  Street Name  
  Street Number  
  Zip Code  

Can I find more detailed service request information? If so, how do I request it?

  • Yes. Per the Freedom of Information Act, you are welcome to request more specific information regarding specific service requests. To request more information on an open records request, please visit http://www.austintexas.gov/department/open-records

Can I go directly to Austin 3-1-1's data set in the City of Austin's Data Portal?

Can I interact with the dataset?

Will my personal information be included in the uploaded data? 

  • Austin 3-1-1 does not share any specific name, phone or email information from the service requests in the data being made available on the City of Austin Data Portal.

How do I download a dataset from Data Portal?

  • From the dataset, click on the Export button on the right side of the page. It is located just below the “Find in the Dataset” search field. Next click on the format type in which you would like to download the dataset.

How do I report technical issues or feedback regarding Austin 3-1-1's dataset?

How often is Austin 3-1-1's dataset updated?

  • The dataset is updated several times a day with new service requests and updates to current service requests.

I am a developer interested in more information regarding the City of Austin's Data Portal, where can I find more details?

What time span is included in the data?

  • The data for all service requests are shown from January 3, 2014 going forward. For any new request types made available after January 3, 2014 the data will reflect the starting date for that request type.

Where is the Code Compliance service request?

  • As of November 2014 the Code Compliance service request was renamed Austin Code – Request Code Officer to better reflect the service requested by citizens.

See the Austin 3-1-1 Fact Sheet.


For more information about the City of Austin Data Portal and open government, please visit the City Council Open Government page at http://austintexas.gov/page/city-council-open-government.