Welcome to Address Management Services! We provide address assignment and street name management for City of Austin and Travis County.


Updated October 20, 2021:

The link to "Request to add a Building or Unit to Existing Address" has been updated.  Please use the link below to access the site, you may need to clear your browser cache for changes to take effect.

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Address Management Services is currently experiencing a higher than usual volume of requests, so you may experience longer response times than usual. We are working to address your requests as quickly as possible, and appreciate your patience.

How Can We Help You?

We have updated our processes to meet your needs, and the new online forms below are the best way to request Address Management Services.   

Please review the following services as they may have changed.

Service Request Instructions

Review the following list before submitting your request.


  • Use the provided forms to submit your request. This is the best way to make sure we collect your information quickly and accurately.
  • Submit only one request per service and single location.
  • Gather your resources in advance, including:
    • Situs/location information or nearest address to the property
    • TCAD, WCAD, HCAD, or BCAD property ID for the property
  • Make sure your antivirus software does not block our web forms. Having trouble accessing our forms and use Avast Antivirus? Follow our FAQ to resolve this issue.


  • Submit duplicate requests for the same service at a single location.
  • Include several locations within a single service request.

Submitting multiple requests causes confusion and can slow service to you and others.



request a new address Request a New Address
Request an address assignment for a new property.
request to add a building to existing address Request to add a Building or Unit to Existing Address
Request an address assignment for a new building or unit at an existing property.
request address change review Request Address Change Review
Request a review of your proposed address change. All changes must meet the 911 Addressing Standards and receive approval from Address Management Services.
request address verification Request an Address Verification Letter
Request a letter verifying an existing address. You will receive the letter at the email address you provide. New addresses are not immediately available. After completing a New Address request, wait at least one business day before submitting an Address Verification Letter request.
reserve street name Reserve a Street Name
Review the process for reserving a street name.
request addressing Request Addressing for a Non-City of Austin Subdivision
Initiate addressing for a recorded plat outside the City of Austin review area. All C8 and C8J cases must be submitted to the City of Austin Land Use Review Division.

Do you have a request that is not listed above? Send your inquiry to us.

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Addressing Standards
The 911 Addressing Standards are the guidelines for assigning and maintaining addresses within the City of Austin and Travis County. Review these guidelines to learn how and why we process your requests.

Street Name Standards
The Street Name Standards are the guidelines for naming streets within the City of Austin and Travis County. Review this document to prepare for the street name reservation process.


Helpful Documents

Residential One Sheet
Residential Plan Reviews are processed within the City of Austin's Development Services Department, but you need a 911 Address first.  Use this guide to determine if you have a valid address or if you need to speak with an Addressing representative before beginning your review process.



Lookup Address and Jurisdiction Information
This interactive Jurisdiction Map allows you to view verified addressing and street information for an individual property. To use this map, you will need the address of the property you want to view.

Travis County and City of Austin Street Names
The Street Name List allows you to view City of Austin and Travis County streets that are in use or reserved for use. Use this database to search your chosen street name during the reservation process.

All Address Changes
The Address Change List allows you to view all address changes made by property owners and Address Management Services. View this list to see processed changes.

All Annexed Address Ranges
The Annexed Address Ranges List shares information on annexations within Travis County. View this page to find information on an annexation area’s street, ordinance, and emergency service response area.