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About Austin Code

In 2009, the Austin Code Department was a small division of the Solid Waste Services Department. The department now has over 140 employees, and is a standalone department with an important responsibility to the community we serve.

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Mission Statement

To build a safer and greater Austin together through code education, collaboration, and enforcement.

Strategic Goals 

  • Strong Community Relations: Strengthen community relations, awareness, and understanding of local code requirements.
  • Safe Environment: Ensure safe, healthy, and legal uses of Austin lands and properties. 
  • Fair and Just Administration: Deliver fair, equitable, and transparent enforcement of City codes.

The Austin Code Department maintains the balance between code compliance and code enforcement by identifying dangerous and substandard conditions and implementing programs to ensure a minimum standard is met. Response times are set based on considerations such as time-sensitivity and risks to life safety. Report a code violation by calling 3-1-1 or by submitting a report online.

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Request a Speaker

Request a code representative for your meeting or community event online at least a week prior to the event. Get to know your neighborhood code inspector in each of the districts they are assigned.

Safety Strategies: Austin Strategic Direction 2023

Physical Address

5202 E Ben White Blvd, Suite 550
Austin, TX 78741

Annual Reports

Click to view the 2021 Annual Report.

Click to view the 2020 Annual Report.

Click to view the 2019 Annual Report.

Click to view the 2018 Annual Report.

Click to view the 2017 Annual Report (PDF 6.12MB).

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