Council Chambers Meeting

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Make preparedness your superpower at this free, family-friendly event.

Funds will support transportation safety projects at 60+ locations

Austin-area Schools and Faith Community Health Partners recognized for their efforts in promoting health and well-being.

The funding will secure warehouse space and equipment 

The Austin City Council approved a 4-year contract with the Austin Emergency Medical Services Association (AEMSA) today.

Spurs player Sir’Jabari Rice and Austin Spurs Head Coach Will Voigt will join the Basketball Clinic for local youth as part of the celebration.

Register for this Free Pilot Emergency Preparedness Class.

Strengthening global connections and collaboration through meaningful partnerships

What is a Temporary Assembly Point? And how does it impact wildfire evacuations?

We have decided to delay the ceremony and removal the Barton Springs tree “Flo” while the Department reviews additional considerations.

In an effort to balance the public's need to access water with water conservation, we are modifying splash hours.

This contract is effective immediately and does not require any approval or other action by the City Council or AFA.

All third-party Certified Arborist assessments of the iconic Barton Springs leaning pecan tree affectionately known as “Flo” are now complete.

Given our unprecedented heat this summer, ERCOT emergency alerts are important.