There are many closed or abandoned landfills in the Austin area. Many operated before landfills were regulated, and may pose environmental or safety risks. Their boundaries are often unknown or poorly defined.

Structures built over landfills may be at risk from soil subsidence or methane gas.

Chapter 25-1-83 of Austin’s Land Development Code addresses issues related to closed landfills.

All commercial or multi-family development applications for subdivision, site plan, and building permits on tracts more than one acre in size, or smaller tracts that are located within a landfill buffer area (see Map Library) must provide a:

  • Certificate sealed by a Professional Engineer certifying the site is not over a closed landfill and describing the basis for that determination, or;
  • Development permit from the TCEQ, or;
  • Letter from the TCEQ stating that the project is not subject to the requirements of TAC Ch. 330, Subchapter T.

Details on many of the landfills below can be found in the 2004 Supplemental Assessment. Those not found in the assessment can be found on the Capital Area Council of Governments' website.


Landfill Verification Form

Map Library

To see the buffer for each site, download the overview map and then click on one of the links below.

  1. Airport Dump
  2. Balcones Research Center
  3. Bergstrom
  4. Bergstrom
  5. Bluff Springs-Nuckols Crossing
  6. Brinkley-Anderson
  7. Butler
  8. Grove
  9. Highway 71, Precinct 3
  10. Hog Hill/Handy's Dump
  11. Industrial Waste Materials Mgmt (Longhorn)
  12. Jonestown
  13. Austin Community Disposal (WMI)
  14. Mabel Davis
  15. McGuire
  16. M.E. Ruby
  17. Montopolis Bridge
  18. Moses Guerrero
  19. US 290 Land (Regency Park) (Travis County)
  20. Sprinkle
  21. St. Stephens
  22. Steiner
  23. IESI (Bergstrom AFB) (Travis County)
  24. BFI (Sunset Farms)
  25. Texaco Chemicals
  26. Turner Landfill #1
  27. Webberville-Govalle
  28. Whisenhut
  29. Wild Basin
  30. Wingfield
  31. Winn-Cook
  32. Brodie
  33. Harmon
  34. 183 Landfill
  35. Austin/Commercial
  36. Bee Cave Property
  37. Bergstrom AFB
  38. Bradshere-Flournoy
  39. Buda
  40. Congress Ave
  41. East Rural Center Landfill
  42. Eddy Ellison
  43. Frank Bunton
  44. John Sprinkle
  45. Kretschmarr Landfill
  46. L.E. Hunt
  47. Manorwood Development
  48. Old White Lime
  49. Pansy Howard
  50. Parker Ln & Riverside
  51. 206 Congress
  52. Pflugerville/Wells Point
  53. Pleasant Valley & Riverside
  54. Quarry Land
  55. Research Blvd Land
  56. River Bend Lakeland
  57. Springdale Park
  58. Steiner Ranch
  59. Texas Disposal Services
  60. Tim Dorsett Landfill
  61. Tim Dorsett Landfill
  62. Tim Dorsett Landfill
  63. Timberridge
  64. Turner Landfill #2
  65. Wagner/Dale
  66. Weir Landfill
  67. West Road
  68. Foremost Landfill
  69. Dougherty Arts Center
  70. Mexican-American Cultural Arts Center
  1. Wasson Rd.