Find useful information to help you create an attractive earth-friendly landscape.  Good planning and design will lead to a landscape that reflects the character of central Texas, conserves resources, and protects our environment.

Where to begin?

  • Read the Landscape Design fact sheet, Guia Sabia de la Tierra para el: Diseno de jardines
  • Get a map of your property
  • Evaluate your site
  • Check  soil depth and type
  • Amend the soil, if needed
  • Consider raised beds
  • Identify underground utilities (call 811)
  • Come up with a plan
  • Save existing desirable plants
  • Plan to keep water on the land
  • Make informed plant choices
  • Use native and well-adapted species
  • Avoid invasive plants
  • Use a diversity of species
  • Plant native species to attract wildlife
  • Visit local gardens for inspiration
  • Consult the Landscape Design templates

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