A banner titled "Are you summer ready?" features cartoon characters promoting summer preparedness. On the left, an armadillo wearing sunglasses is pushing a lawn mower, cutting overgrown grass. In the center, a raccoon in a blue "Code" hat is standing next to a brown box labeled "Donations," filled with various items including books, a teddy bear, and toiletries. On the right, a mosquito with a clipboard stands next to the raccoon, emphasizing the importance of clearing out standing water. The background is a gradient of yellow and blue, with an orange border. The City of Austin Development Services Department logo is on the bottom left corner.

Enjoy this season without dealing with pests and hazards. Join the Summer Ready campaign for a safe summer season!

Lawn Maintenance

A cartoon armadillo wearing sunglasses is pushing a lawn mower, cutting green grass that is slightly overgrown. The armadillo appears to be smiling while mowing the grass. The image emphasizes the importance of keeping grass below 12 inches as part of summer readiness.Be sure to keep grass and weeds trimmed to 12 inches or shorter. Overgrown vegetation can harbor rodents, snakes, and insects, creating unsafe conditions for you and your neighbors. 

Remove Standing Water

A cartoon mosquito with large eyes is standing next to a green bucket filled with water. The mosquito has a clipboard attached to its body. In the background, there are several smaller mosquitoes flying around. The image highlights the importance of clearing out standing water to prevent mosquito breeding as part of summer readiness.Flip over buckets and containers to avoid mosquito breeding. Standing water is a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes, which can spread diseases like West Nile virus. Regularly check and empty items like flower pots, birdbaths, and gutters. 

Proper Waste Disposal

A cartoon raccoon wearing a blue hat with the word "CODE" is standing next to a brown box labeled "DONATIONS." The box is filled with various items, including books, a teddy bear, toiletries, and clothing. The raccoon is holding a piece of clothing and smiling. The image emphasizes the importance of proper waste disposal and donating items as part of summer readiness.Donate larger items and recycle tires instead of dumping them. Illegal dumping can lead to fines and environmental hazards. Use the city's curbside services, recycling centers, and donation sites to dispose of large items properly.

Fire and Home Safety

A cartoon illustration of a brown squirrel holding an acorn, sitting at the base of a tree. The tree has a birdhouse hanging from one of its branches. The squirrel looks content, and the tree is full of green leaves.Clear away dead vegetation and debris to reduce fire hazards and maintain a defensible space around your property. Conduct regular inspections to ensure your home meets structural and electrical safety codes, including checking smoke detectors and securing loose roofing materials. For more home safety tips, see the "Other Resources" tab below.

Outdoor Event Permits

A cartoon illustration of an outdoor movie screening setup in a park. The scene includes several striped deck chairs arranged in front of a large movie screen displaying a film icon. There are three trees, some bushes, and scattered flowers around the grassy area. A string of colorful pennant flags is hung between two trees, and there are a few picnic blankets with food and drinks placed on the ground, creating a festive and relaxed atmosphere.Obtain necessary permits for outdoor events to comply with city regulations and ensure safety. Proper permits help avoid penalties and ensure your event meets health and safety standards. For more information, visit the Austin Center for Events webpage

A cartoon illustration of a brown squirrel holding a smartphone to its ear as if making a call. The squirrel has a large bushy tail and a content expression on its face. The screen of the smartphone shows an incoming call interface.Report Code Violations

Call Austin 3-1-1 or submit a report online to help keep our community safe. Reporting violations such as illegal dumping, overgrown vegetation, and unsafe structures helps maintain neighborhood safety and cleanliness. 

Partner Resources

DSD works with various partner departments to provide resources aimed at enhancing community safety and well-being. Explore valuable information and services from our partners. Together, these resources support our mission to keep Austin safe, clean, and vibrant throughout the summer and beyond.

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