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Michelle Rojas - Culture & Arts Site Manager

Olivia Tamzarian - Culture & Arts Program Supervisor & Outreach and Marketing

Frederico Geib - Culture & Arts Education Coordinator, Teen Caminos Program

Lorie Martinez - Culture & Arts Coordinator- Facility Rentals, Latino Artist Access Program (LAAP)

Jesus Varela - Cultural & Arts Education Coordinator, Special Events

Lori Navarrete - Culture & Arts Education Specialist, Education Registrar

Robert Poschmann, Culture and Arts Technical Coordinator

Luis Gutierrez - Exhibit Specialist

Chris Owens - Maintenance Worker

Louis Arellano - Building and Grounds


Learn a little about our history through of some local Austin leaders that paved the way in the early to late 20th Century. There is also a section about a hidden jewel of the ESB-MACC. Learn more! See the ESB-MACC's 10 year anniversary video below


Advisory Board

Purpose: Advise Austin City Council about Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center operations. Cooperate with civic and volunteer groups involved in fostering, promoting and sponsoring activities at the ESB-MACC. (City Code Section 2-1-162)

Community Involvement: Community members are invited to attend ESB-MACC Advisory Board meetings to gain further understanding of its functions.
Authority: Ordinance No. 20071129-011
Membership: Citizens
Number of board members: 11
Terms: Four year staggered terms
Meetings: First Wednesday of each month from 6 to 8 p.m. at ESB-MACC, 600 River St., Austin, TX 78701.

MACC Advisory Board meetings

MACC Advisory Board Members

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ESB-MACC Master Plan
Visit the ESB-MACC Master Plan page for more information regarding the master plan.