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Advisory Board Staff Report 11.2.22
Advisory Board Staff Report 10.5.22
Advisory Board Staff Report 9.27.22
Advisory Board Staff Report 7.6.22
Advisory Board Staff Report 6.1.22.pdf
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Full Time Staff 

Michelle Rojas - Culture & Arts Site Manager

Frederico Geib - Culture & Arts Education Supervisor (Acting), Teen Caminos Program

Olivia Tamzarian - Culture & Arts Marketing and Outreach Representative

Lorie Martinez - Culture & Arts Coordinator- Facility Rentals, Latino Artist Access Program (LAAP)

Lori Navarrete - Culture & Arts Education Specialist, Education Registrar

Tina Davila - Administrative Specialist

Luis Gutierrez - Exhibit Specialist

Chris Owens - Maintenance Worker

Louis Arellano - Building and Grounds

Cultural & Arts Special Events Coordinator (vacant)

Culture & Arts Education Coordinator (vacant)

Culture & Arts Production Coordinator (vacant)


Support Staff

Administrative Support Staff
Bernadette Bermudez, Ileana Botello

Education Support Staff
Cassie Smith, Futa Ofamo Oni, Citlalli Soto-Ferate, Amy Pichardo, Ethan Estrada, Elizabeth Diaz, Jaime Martinez Marrero, Donna Hoffman, Montse Pichardo, Paulina Pereira, Frank Baca

Rentals and LAAP Support Staff
Ricardo Rodriguez, Adrienne Sanchez

Caminos Teen Program Support Staff
Miguel Santana, Bobbi Isabella Hernandez, Nilmarie Gonzalez Ugarte

Wellness Support Staff
Erick Salazar

Graphic Design Support Staff
Florentino Diaz, Bianca Olivares Reyes 

Production Support Staff
Ulises Garcia-Vela, Mari Hernandez, Oscar Guerra, Vanessa Montano, Antonio Rodriguez, Marisa Rangel



Learn about the History of the ESB MACCDownload the MACC Coloring Book, a great teaching tool for youth! It is a bilingual coloring book in English and Spanish. You can get a free printed copy in person when you visit the MACC.


Advisory Board

Purpose: Advise Austin City Council about Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center operations. Cooperate with civic and volunteer groups involved in fostering, promoting and sponsoring activities at the ESB-MACC. (City Code Section 2-1-162)

Community Involvement: Community members are invited to attend ESB-MACC Advisory Board meetings to gain further understanding of its functions.
Authority: Ordinance No. 20071129-011
Membership: Citizens
Number of board members: 11
Terms: Four year staggered terms
Meetings: First Wednesday of each month from 6 to 8 p.m. at ESB-MACC, 600 River St., Austin, TX 78701.

MACC Advisory Board meetings

MACC Advisory Board Members

City of Austin Boards and Commissions Information




ESB-MACC Master Plan
Visit the ESB-MACC Master Plan page for more information regarding the master plan.