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Creativity Club - kids painting mural

Creativity Club After School Arts

Creativity Club is an after school program held at the Dougherty Arts Center. Students engage in TEKS-aligned arts lessons in various areas of visual and performing arts. The goal is to provide students with a supportive, collaborative space to express themselves creatively.

Creativity Club runs concurrently with the AISD schedule. 5-year-olds may attend if enrolled in kindergarten. Pack a nut-free snack for your student specifically for after school. Arrival times can vary depending on transportation. The program ends at 6pm. Our student-to-teacher ratio is 10:1, and students will be split into groups based on age.

Grades: K-5
August - May  Meets monthly, concurrent with AISD calendar
Monday - Friday, 3-6 PM

Creativity Club @ DAC From Zilker Elementary

  • Resident, per month: $120
  • Non-Resident, per month: $200
  • Transportation via AISD bus.
  • Arrival time depends on AISD bus.

Creativity Club @ DAC Drop off

  • Registration Opens: 9/8/2021 10am for residents, 1pm non-residents   
  • First Day: 10/4/2021
  • Resident, per month: $120
  • Non-Resident, per month: $200
  • Transportation WILL NOT be provided.
  • Students may be dropped off as early as 3pm.

Creativity Club

Note: The City of Austin Childcare Ordinance requires a teacher-to-student ratio maximum of 1:12. Students are grouped by age. Snacks are not provided by the program; please send an extra snack with your student.

Monthly Session Session Payment Due Date (by 6pm) Drop Occur Session Start Date Session End Date Scheduled Skip Date(s)
August 7/19/2021 7/19/2021 8/17/2021 8/31/2021 None
September 8/16/2021 8/20/2021 9/1/2021 9/30/2021 9/6/2021
October 9/15/2021 9/20/2021
Zilker Start: 10/1/2021
Drop Off Start: 10/4/2021
10/29/2021 10/11/2021
November 10/15/2021 10/20/2021 11/1/2021 11/30/2021 11/11/2021,
11/22 through 11/26/2021
December 11/15/2021 11/20/2021 12/1/2021 12/17/2021 None
January 12/15/2021 12/20/2021 1/5/2022 1/31/2022 1/17/2022
February 1/18/2022 1/20/2022 2/1/2022 2/28/2022 2/21/2022
March 2/15/2022 2/20/2022 3/1/2022 3/31/2022 3/14 through 3/18/2022
April 3/15/2022 3/20/2022 4/1/2022 4/29/2022 4/15/2022
May 4/15/2022 4/20/2022 5/2/2022 5/27/2022 None

HOW TO GUARANTEE A SPOT: Once enrolled in the first month, students are guaranteed a spot in consecutive months as long as payments are made by the 15th of the month for the next month's tuition.

2021 Parent Handbook  - English (PDF)

2021 Parent Handbook - Spanish (PDF)

Program Documents and Forms

Participation Guidelines and Essential Eligibility - English (PDF)

Participation Guidelines and Essential Eligibility - Spanish (PDF)

Youth Participant Registration/Waiver Form (English)  (PDF)

Youth Participant Registration/Waiver Form (Spanish) (PDF)

Youth Financial Assistance - English  (PDF)

Youth Financial Assistance - Spanish  (PDF)

Permission to Give Medication Form (PDF) - For a student taking prescription or non-prescription medication during program hours

Youth Class Request Form (PDF) - For a student to be placed in a different camp or class than he/she is assigned; otherwise, students are placed in camps and classes according to their age by birth date

Youth Friend Request Form (PDF) - For students who are the same age and wish to be placed in the same camp or class together; only one request per student is permitted



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