Express Permits Minor Repairs


Residential Express Building Permits (Minor Repairs) are for specific, small projects for residential properties (single-family, duplex, or two-family houses and/or accessory buildings on one lot). The turnaround time to issue most Express Permits is one business day. The timeframe may differ if the property is within a floodplain or historic district. Please see Work Exempt from Permits for work that does not require a permit.


iconWhat Projects Qualify?

1 - Stay within Express Permit Qualifications

The projects listed below qualify for a Residential Express (Minor Repairs) Building Permit. Your project may only include the work listed below. Otherwise, a different residential building permit application is required.

2 – If Plumbing, Electrical, or Mechanical Trade work is proposed and needed for the scope of work, please indicate the “Trade Permits Required” on your application so the appropriate trade permit can be issued at the same time as your express building permit.

3 – Modifying Your Express Permit

If you need to add a trade permit or additional qualifying express permit work AFTER your building permit is approved and issued, please go to the Residential Building Permit Web Form, select MODIFY, and select REVISIONS to revise your building permit accordingly.

4 - If your work exceeds Express Permit Qualifications

If your work exceeds the qualifications of an Express Permit, a new residential building permit application and associated fees will be required to account for the project changes. This could result in project delays. The previously paid fees for the express permit will not be reimbursed. Visit the Residential Plan Review webpage for a list of applications for projects requiring additional review.


Qualified Express Permit Projects


  • Bathroom - remodel (tub/shower conversions) & kitchen remodel
    • Only tub/shower/sink surround drywall can be removed
    • Walls cannot be relocated or removed
    • Plumbing fixtures cannot be relocated or added
    • A trade permit may be required depending on the work being performed. Please indicate this on your application.
  • Brick - adding/removing
  • Drywall - repair only.
    • Repair in excess of 128 sq. ft.
    • Smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide alarms must meet code requirements.
  • Foundation - repairing without increasing impervious cover in excess of 128 sq. ft. 
    • A plumbing permit may be required depending on the work being performed. Please indicate this on your application.
  • Insulation - adding/removing
  • Interior non-structural exploratory
    • Remove drywall/insulation only for purposes of structural observation or evaluation.
    • Smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide alarms must meet code requirements.
  • Roof - repairs to the extent of replacing decking boards in excess of 128 sq. ft.
  • Siding - adding/removing in excess of 128 sq. ft.
  • Windows - replacing size for size
  • Fire and Vehicle Damage Repair


    1. Maintain existing floor plan
      No changes in the floor plan are allowed. If the floor plan changes, the appropriate application should be submitted for a full review.
    2. Submit Fire Incident Report from insurance, fire, or police department
    3. Submit photos of the damaged structure
    4. Submit Structural Verification Report (PDF) Download Icon 
      (stamped and dated by a Texas-registered engineer)

      Engineered Drawings can be submitted in place of the Structural Verification Report. Drawings must be stamped, signed, and dated by a Texas-registered engineer.

      Permits for repairs to fire-damaged structures can be obtained with a complete express permit application and must also include the following items:

icon of a hand pushing a button How to Apply

step 1  Do you have an Austin Build + Connect (AB+C) Account?

(If yes, go to step #2)

The contractor listed on the permit (contractor, trades contractor, or homeowner) must have an AB+C account to pay fees, manage the permit, and schedule inspections. If you do not have an AB+C account, please register for an AB+C account here. For additional assistance, please see the Web Help Manual. Please make a note of the email address used for this new account. You will need this for step 3 below.


step 2  Are you registered with the Service Center as a contractor or homeowner?

(If yes, go to step #3)

A contractor registered with the Service Center must be listed on the permit (the homeowner can act as the general contractor when registered). This is separate from step #1 above. To register, submit a Web Form request on the Service Center web page. After registering, we will provide you with a Contractor/Homeowner PIN number. You will need this for step 3 below.


step 3  Submit Application

Go to the Residential Building Permit Web Form to complete and submit your application. Please indicate on your application if you are conducting plumbing, electrical or mechanical trade work so that a trade permit can be issued along with your building permit.

PRO TIP:  Provide the AB+C account email and the designated Contractor/Homeowner PIN number (from steps 1 and 2) with your application so your permit will automatically activate in step 5.


step 4  ​​Intake Processing

The Residential Intake team will then review your application for completeness. They will email you when your invoice is ready for payment on the AB+C portal.


step 5  Pay Invoice

Please pay the invoice online on the AB+C portal. If all the steps above were completed correctly, your permit will activate automatically upon payment. Otherwise, please contact the Service Center for assistance.


step 6  Print and Post your Permit  

Visit Activating a Permit to learn how to print and post your permit (beginning with step #5) and what the next steps are for completing your required inspections.





Express Permit Application Questions

Ask Residential Intake staff questions regarding submitting an EXPRESS residential building permit application and submission requirements. Appointments are not for submitting an application. Visit Residential Plan Review to submit online. See Work Exempt from Permits

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