The following projects qualify for same-day service with the Express permitting process. Download the Residential Express Permit Application.

  • Replacing windows (size for size)
  • Replacing exterior doors (size for size)
  • Adding/removing siding
  • Adding/removing brick
  • Adding/removing insulation
  • Repairing a roof to the extent of replacing decking boards
  • Repairing foundation without increasing impervious cover
  • Bathroom remodel (tub/shower conversions) & kitchen remodel
    • Only tub/shower/sink surround drywall can be removed
    • Walls cannot be relocated or removed
    • Plumbing fixtures cannot be relocated or added
  • Interior non-structural exploratory
    • Remove drywall/insulation only for purposes of structural observation or evaluation
    • Smoke detectors and co alarms must be to code
  • Drywall repair only
    • Repair in excess of 64 sq.ft.
    • Smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide alarms must meet code requirements

Note: If the scope of work exceeds the above requirements, you will not be able to submit an Express Permit application. See Residential Plan Review forms for a list of applications.