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What is a Homeowner’s Permit? 

A person who is not licensed to perform electrical, mechanical or plumbing work must apply for a Homeowner's (homestead) Permit through the Service Center Request Form to make repairs within a residence on the property owned by the person. The following requirements must also be met:  

Eligibility Requirements 

  1. The person must have a homestead exemption filed with the tax appraisal district of the county where the property is located. 

  2. The work is performed in the homestead and principal residence of the person, and the work does not include

    (a) the main electric service;  

    (b) reclaiming and charging a ducted heating and air-conditioning system containing refrigerant;  

    (c) liquefied petroleum plumbing systems, and auxiliary water system.

  3. The building official may suspend or revoke a homestead permit if the work done under the permit is performed by anyone other than the person who obtained the permit. 

  4. A person may not transfer a permit to another person. 

  5. If requested by the building official or his designee, a person with a homestead permit must provide proof of residence and ownership. 

  6. The person has not secured a homestead permit for another residence within the prior 12-month period. 

  7. A person must obtain a homestead permit and pay required permit fees before beginning any electrical, mechanical, and plumbing work.  

  8. A person performing electrical, mechanical, and plumbing work under a homestead permit shall present picture identification to verify that the person is authorized to perform work under the homestead permit when requested by the building official or their designee. 

  9. A homestead permit shall not be issued for electrical, mechanical and plumbing work on a mobile home, modular or manufactured home unless the homeowner owns the land on which the mobile, modular or manufactured home is located. A homestead permit shall not be issued if the mobile, modular or manufactured home is located in a mobile home park, mobile home community or other commercial premises.  

Your Responsibilities as the Permit Holder 

You are responsible for the work performed and are required to request all required inspections. A permit expires on the 181st day if the project has not been scheduled nor received an inspection. A "Canceled" and/or "Failed/No Work Performed" inspection result does not extend the expiration date.