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Insurance Bond License
Resolution of Authority Authorized Agent Permits

Do I have to have Insurance, Bond, or License to get a permit?

The table below indicates (X) when Insurance, Bond, and/or License are necessary.

Right of Way Permit Insurance Bond - $10K License
Temporary Storage Device/POD      
Film X    
Valet X    
Vendor X    
Dumpster X X  
Temporary Use of Right of Way X X  
Sidewalk CafĂ© X X  
Driveway/Sidewalk X X X
Excavation X X X


Does the Right of Way Management Division have my current insurance and/or current bond?  Am I already a Licensed Right of Way Contractor?

Most insurance companies and bonding agents limit policies to one (1) year of coverage.  If you are uncertain if your current insurance and/or bond is already on file with our office, you may submit the current version to our Right of Way Contractors SmartSheet

You can view the list of current Right of Way Contractor License holders here. If you are a License holder, you may also use this document to verify your Insurance status (just check the Insurance Expiration column).

How is a Right of Way Contractor License obtained?

The following four documents must be provided:

  1. Bond
  2. Insurance
  3. Resolution of Authority
  4. Authorized Agent Form

Submit these documents to our Right of Way Contractors SmartSheet for review.  If the documents satisfy the License requirements, our office will provide you with an invoice for $192.40.  Once the invoice is paid, our office will issue the License.

How long does a License remain active?

The License remains valid until either the Bond and/or Insurance (on file with our office) expire.

How is a Right of Way Contractor License renewed?

The renewal documentation will vary.  We may require current versions of all four documents described above.  The individual documents do NOT share expiration dates.  Documents must be submitted to our Right of Way Contractors SmartSheet.

How do I add a Right of Way Contractor to my permit?

You may only add a Right of Way Contractor to your permit if they have listed you on their Authorized Agent Form (AAF). 

Note to Right of Way Contractors: Organizations and individuals that you list on your AAF will be able to submit permit requests and/or pull permits using your Right of Way Contractor License.  To avoid having to make frequent changes to the AAF, add an organization name, instead of an individual.  The most recent version you file with us will replace previous versions.  This is why each version must be comprehensive.