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Permits for the use of City of Austin right of way may require Insurance, Bond, and/or License!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the right of way?

The right of way (ROW) is the area owned and/or controlled by the City and typically includes the street surface, sidewalks, and grassy areas between pavement and property lines.  It is important to note that NOT all right of way falls under City jurisdiction.  For more information on identifying ROW boundaries, view our Finding ROW document.  For more informaiton on determining jurisdiction, view our Whose ROW is it Anyways document.

Is a permit always required to work in the right of way?

If the right of way falls under City of Austin jurisdiction then a Right of Way permit is ALWAYS required.

Which permits require Insurance?

ALL right of way permits require insurance except for Parking permits.

Which permits require Bond?

Dumpster, Driveway/Sidewalk, Excavation, Sidewalk Café, and Temporary Use of Right of Way require a $10,000 bond.

Which permits require License?

Driveway/Sidewalk and Excavation permits require License.

Who needs to have a Right of Way Contractor License?

Only those entities seeking to perform Driveway/Sidewalk or Excavation work.

Who is a Right of Way Contractor?

Only those entities who secure a License through the Right of Way Management Division qualify as Right of Way Contractors.  Click here for a list of current Right of Way Contractor License holders.

How is a Right of Way Contractor License obtained?

The following four documents that must be provided in-person during our walk-in hours (click here to view a checklist for each item):

  1. Bond
  2. Insurance
  3. Resolution of Authority
  4. Authorized Agent Form

Licenses typically take 10 minutes to process once the correct documentation has been reviewed and approved.

How long does a License remain active?

The License remains valid until eithe rthe Bond and/or Insurance (on file with our office) expire.

How is a Right of Way Contractor License renewed?

The documentation required to renew the License will vary but may include submitting current versions of all four documents described in the question above.  The individual documents do NOT share expiration dates. 

What is a Continuation Certificate?

A Continuation Certificate extends the expiration date of an existing Bond.    It can only be accepted if the existing Bond is already on file with the Right of Way Management Division.  Bonds ALWAYS require a signature from the Principal.  Continuation Certificates SOMETIMES require a signature from the Principal.

Who can sign the Bond/Continuation Certificate?

Only an officer/member/partner of the company, with signing authority, may sign the Bond/Continuation Certificate.

Why is a Resolution of Authority necessary?

A Resolution of Authority confirms that the officer who signed the Bond/Continuation Certificate had the authority to do so.  Documentation in lieu of the Resolution should also provide this confirmation.

Does the Right of Way Management Division have my current insurance?

Click here to find view the list of current Right of Way Contractor License holders; check the Insurance Expiration column.

What is the cost of a Right of Way Contractor License?

The license fee is $50 per year.  Additionally, Right of Way now assesses a 4% technology improvement surcharge.  This will bring the total to $52 per year.