The City of Austin Parks & Recreation Department (PARD) invests in the health of our community.  Over years, scientific study consistently affirms what PARD has observed to be true - spending time outdoors, especially in natural settings, has significant health benefits.  The benefits include both improvements to the physical and mental well-being of individuals, families and communities, as well as the environment. 


green rectangle with white text that reads parks prescription and a pill bottle image on its side with nature spilling outgreen rectangle with white text that reads nature is community the parks prescription program aims to bridge the medical community with local parks and recreation by prescribing physical activity in a recreation setting to prevent or treat health problemsgreen rectangle with white text that reads natures side effects vector shape of yellow happy face white text reads below better mood red heart shape white text reads improved heart health yellow lightening bolt with white text that reads increased energy two hands shaking with white text that reads social engagement pink brain with white text that reads improved memory person in a bed with white text that reads improved sleep red heart with blue plus sign with white text that reads longer life bandage drawing with white text below that reads reduction of paingreen rectangle with trees and people on bikes with white text that reads getting started want to get started enjoying or prescribing the health benefits of nature select one of the buttons below for patients and providers to learn more  blue rectangle with Patients written in white textgreen rectangle that reads in white text Providers

Developing a Parks Prescription Program for your Community

Parks Prescription Canada

City of Austin Park Prescription Brochure

Since 2018, the City of Austin Parks & Recreation Department (PARD) has been collaborating with students from the University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy on the Parks Prescription program.


UT Pharmacy Population Health Program

UT Parks Prescription Posters

UT Pharmacy Poster 2018-2019

UT Pharmacy Poster 2019-2020

UT Pharmacy Poster 2020-2021

UT Pharmacy Poster 2021-2022


My Austin Parks Guide image with white text that reads an Austin parks and recreation guide to Austins parks and their amenities

The My Austin Parks Guide is map to local parks their amenities, ADA accessibility and transportation options.  The maps contain bus routes, bike friendly roads, and how to access the park by foot.

My Austin Parks Guide

North Austin

Northeast Austin

Central Austin

South Austin

Southeast Austin

Park Activities


Park Bench Workout

Park Scavenger HUNT

Scavenger Hunt Bingo

Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Body HIIT Workout


Find more FREE FITNESS by visiting one of our recreation centers with exercise equipment and weight room hours, view the site open gym schedule.  Call site prior to confirm schedule has not changed.