The Warren Street Flood Risk Reduction project will improve the drainage system in the area along Exposition Blvd., Warren St., Carlton Road, Mount Laurel Lane and Hillview Road in the Tarrytown neighborhood.

Public Meeting

The Watershed Protection Department held a virtual public meeting on September 8, 2022. Watch the meeting below or look through a PDF of the presentation.


Watershed Protection Department has received several local flooding complaints from residents in this area. Local flooding is the type of flooding that generally occurs away from the creek. It occurs due to an undersized or lack of local drainage system The project is intended to alleviate the flooding of buildings, yards, and streets through upgraded and/or new storm drain infrastructure. 

Tell us about your experience with flooding

If you live or work in this area, please let us know about your experiences with flooding by completing this Flooding Information Form. This will help us a design the most effective solution.

Project Map

Map showing project area


Our capital improvement projects take many years from start to finish. The process typically includes the following phases:

  • Preliminary Engineering – when a solution is identified and costs are estimated.
  • Design – when the details are worked out and construction plans are drawn up.
  • Permitting and Bidding – when a contractor is hired and all permits are acquired.
  • Construction – when the project is built.

The preliminary engineering phase was completed in August 2022.

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