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2022 Benefits Guide (PDF)

2022 Temporary Employee Benefits Guide (PDF)

2023 Benefits Guide (PDF)

2023 Temporary Employee Benefits Guide (PDF)

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2022 PPO Summary of Benefits and Coverage (PDF)

2022 HMO Summary of Benefits and Coverage (PDF)

2022 CDHP w/HSA Summary of Benefits and Coverage (PDF)

Prescription Drug Information

2022 Basic Drug List (PDF)

2022 CDHP w/HSA Preventive Drug List (PDF)

2022 ACA Preventive Drug List (PDF)

2022 ACA Contraceptive Drug List (PDF)

2022 OTC COVID Pharmacy Network Directory (PDF)

Medical Information Related to COVID PHE (PDF)

Plan Documents

2022 PPO Plan Document (PDF)

2022 HMO Plan Document (PDF)

2022 CDHP Plan Document (PDF)

Austin area In-Network Pharmacies for Flu Shots (PDF)

Tobacco Cessation 101 

Click here for the instructions on how to complete the new Tobacco Cessation 101 Program, hosted by our EAP vendor ComPsych.  Employees and spouses who use tobacco can avoid the $12.50 per pay period tobacco premium if they complete the online webinar or a 1:1 telephonic coaching session.


To find a Vision provider or to learn more about the plan, visit You can also call 866-563-3589.

Vision Certificate (PDF)


BlueCare Dental PPO provides you the option of seeking services from in-network and out-of-network dentists. Selecting a dentist from the BlueCare Dental PPO network will offer you the greatest savings. When contacting a dentist, ask whether the dentist is contracted in the BlueCare Dental PPO network. To find a dentist, view claims activity, or for more information visit or call BlueCare Dental at 888-907-7880. For covered services and exclusions, refer to the BlueCare Dental PPO Plan Document (PDF) or call BlueCare Dental PPO.

Life Insurance

For a full description of coverage refer to the Employee Benefits Guide.  To calculate your cost of Supplemental Life use this convenient online worksheet.

Life Insurance Certificate (PDF)

Disability - Short Term and Long Term Disability

For a description of Short and Long Term Disability coverage, refer to the Employee Benefits Guide or at Short Term Disability (PDF) or Long Term Disability (PDF).  For a more detailed description of disability coverage, refer to Short Term Disability Certificate (PDF) or Long Term Disability Certificate (PDF)

  • To calculate your cost for Long Term Disability, use this convenient online calculator Long term worksheet

Flexible Spending Arrangement - FSA

Set aside money from your paycheck (on a pretax basis) to pay for eligible Health Care FSA and Dependent Care (child care) FSA expenses. The more you contribute, the lower your taxable income. 

To authorize having your FSA information discussed or released to another person, a HIPAA Release Form must be completed. Access the HIPAA FSA form (PDF).

FSA Eligible Expenses (PDF)

ARAG Group Legal Plan

Employees can visit ARAG Legal Center and enter access code 17886coa to learn more about the plan and research legal topics.  Employees can also call 800-247-4184 to speak with an ARAG Customer Care Specialist, or visit

COA Savings Marketplace - Enjoy Amazing Discounts! 

You can save at thousands of retailers in your neighborhood and around the country. Whether it is local Austin vendors, discounted gift cards or national deals, savings are just a click away. Visit the CoA Savings Marketplace where you can access discounts from your phone, tablet, or computer. 

ComPsych Employee Assistance Program 

ComPsych Employee Assistance Program provides access to counseling, legal and financial services in addition to Work/Life support. 

Employee Assistance Flyer (PDF)

Call 866-586-1456 or visit the ComPsych GuidanceResources website using the instructions below to register your account. 

1. Click the Register tab.

2. Enter as your Organization Web ID and click the Register button.

3. Enter a user name and password.

4. Confirm security questions.

5. Click the Submit button.

Affordable Small Dollar Loans

City employees will have access to apply for small dollar loans through the Community Loan Center of Austin (CLC) ranging from $400 - $1,000. You must be employed with the City a minimum of 90 days to be eligible. Payments can be deducted from your paycheck or set up through automatic draft. For additional Customer Service assistance call 956-356-6600 or 214-688-7456.

Apply online at

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