The Benefits Division administers benefits for active and retired employees, dependents and survivors of employees.

The City of Austin is committed to providing affordable benefits that assist employees in being healthy.  We can take pride in working for an organization that values its employees.  Together, we can achieve our business goals while also fostering a healthy workplace, where employees are supported and appreciated. 

The City will continue to work to contain costs and minimize increases in premiums.  Employees must share in this responsibility as well.  Your health and lifestyle impact not only yourself, but also the cost of benefits for your co-workers and the City. 

To help you get the answers you need view the video below or contact the Employee Benefits Division by email or call 512-974-3284.

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Benefits Portal

The Benefits portal is available on demand.  Access the system anytime from home or conveniently on your smartphone.  You can view your current benefit elections, view or edit beneficiary information, or initiate any required changes to your benefits during the plan year.  

Access the Benefits Portal at:

We’ve provided some step-by-step guides to help you navigate the system.

Accessing the Benefits Portal Logging in and Resetting your Password
  • Getting married
  • Having a baby or adopting a child
QLE - Adding a Dependent
  • Losing existing health coverage, including job-based, individual and student plans
  • Child dependent turning 26 and losing coverage due to age limit
QLE - Loss or Gain of other coverage (Not Medicare)
A beneficiary is the person or entity named in a life insurance policy. This is the person that receives the benefit upon death of the member. Designate or Update Beneficiary 
Moving from a traditional medical plan to the City's Medicare Advantage Plan QLE - Retiree Enrolling in Medicare Advantage Plan
When you or your dependent becomes eligible for Medicare and elects both Part A & Part B you may qualify for a different medical plans/pricing QLE - Retiree Updating Medicare Eligibility on Traditional Medical Plans
  • Marriage or Divorce certificate
  • Birth certificate or Adoption decree
  • Court documents
  • Death certificate
  • Disabled dependent documentation
How to Upload Supporting Documentation
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