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Labor agreement compliance assistance

The Labor Relations Office interprets components of the agreements to initiate new procedures or policies, audits compliance with the agreements, and alerts management of any critical issues. See Public Safety Labor Agreement Compliance for additional information.

3-1-1 Labor Relations

Land Development Information Services

Land Development Information Services (LDIS) provides development consulting services and business-related permitting services. They will answer your questions and make sure you are knowledgeable about the procedures and requirements that apply to your project. Previously known as the Development Assistance Center (DAC), the unit was renamed in summer 2022 to better reflect the team's role in the development process.

Development Services

Land Use Review

The Land Use Review Division reviews and permits site plan and subdivision applications for compliance with Chapters 25 and 30 of the Land Development Code. 

Development Services

Learn about MBE/WBE contract monitoring

Compliance monitors and enforces the City of Austin’s MBE/WBE program rules.

This review process includes reviewing solicitations, setting project goals, collaborating with a project manager to identify scopes of work, and verifying compliance plan information submitted by bidders and proposers on all phases of a project.

Compliance also conducts site audits, reviews payment requests, facilitates performance and payment issues, and determines final compliance with the program.

512-974-7600 Small and Minority Business

License a boarding house

A boarding house is a building that is not a hotel, motel, bed & breakfast, or short-term rental that provides lodging (with meals or compensation) for 16 or more adults. A license is required to operate a boarding house in commercial or residential properties. 

512-974-9142 Development Services

License a private hauler

All private haulers that collect, remove, or transport waste, recycling, and/or organic/compost within the City of Austin for a fee must obtain a private hauler license (City of Austin Code 15-6, Article 3).

512-974-9144 Development Services

License a short-term rental

Owners of Short-Term Rentals (STRs) are required to obtain an operating license annually (Ordinance No. 20160223-A.l). This law applies to all properties (including rooms and guest houses) rented for less than 30 consecutive days.

3-1-1 Development Services

Lobbyist search

Lobbyists must register with the City Clerk’s office. The office keeps a list of all registered lobbyists and their clients available for public use.

512-974-2210 City Clerk