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Reasons you may not have succeeded:

  1. Misspelling of any word in the keyword search box.
  2. Asking for an employee directory. We do not publicize our staff directory due to privacy concerns. You can call 3-1-1 or (512) 974-2000 and be transferred to anyone's desk.
  3. The service may be handled by other levels of government:
    1. Travis County Government
    2. Texas State Government
    3. United States Government
  4. Your phrasing does not match our phrasing in the keywords section for that service, try fewer words or use our search engine which can handle more complicated searches.
  5. If you are an employee, you may need to search our employee site - CitySpace (you must be on the COA network to view this).

For links to websites external to the City of Austin, view our frequently asked questions.