This project will improve water quality in Little Walnut Creek. The project is located at the Asian American Resource Center and the City of Austin's Rutherford Campus.

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Project Overview

Plans call for the following improvements:

  • Expanding the existing pond and adding a wetland area
  • A new stream
  • A rain garden
  • Changes to the concrete channel to make it more natural
  • A pedestrian bridge over the concrete channel
  • Trails, landscaping and a play area

Map showing proposed improvements


Community Feedback

This is a separate project from the expansion of the Asian American Resource Center. However, we chose this option to improve water quality after reviewing community feedback from the planning process for the expansion. These improvements corresponded best with the community vision.


Our capital improvement projects take many years from start to finish. The process typically includes the following phases:

  • Preliminary Engineering – when a solution is identified and costs are estimated.
  • Design – when the details are worked out and construction plans drawn up.
  • Bidding and Permitting – when a contractor is hired and all permits are acquired.
  • Construction – when the project is built.

Preliminary Engineering was completed in 2021. This project is currently in design with construction estimated to begin in 2025.


Questions? Concerns? Please reach out to one of the following people: