AUS Connecting Communities and Fostering Growth: A Recap of 2023 Construction Industry Outreach Events to Support Our Journey With AUS

Greetings, esteemed members of the traveling community and friends within the construction industry! If you've been keeping tabs on the buzz encircling Austin's airport, you're likely aware of our climb to new heights, shattering passenger activity records and landing more nonstop flights. A variety of expansion and enhancement projects called Journey With AUS, are currently underway, all aimed at improving and modernizing our airport. 

In 2023, the airport played host not just to one or two, but a remarkable six informative events intended to bridge the gap between the airport and the construction industry as well as related construction businesses. The primary objective? Ensuring that everyone remains well informed about the opportunities presented by the Journey With AUS, while also fostering substantial connections among businesses, no matter what their size or specialty.

The festivities commenced with a fun community event at the beginning of the year, hosting an open house on January 18. Envision this: members of the community flowing in and out at their convenience, hearing information and asking questions, all in the spirit of understanding the growth and development plans taking shape at the airport.

Leap ahead to the Spring Industry Day held in April. With an impressive turnout of over 300 attendees, this gathering centered around equitable procurement procedures, inviting both local and national prime contractors to join the Journey With AUS. Oh, and let's not overlook the emphasis placed on sustainability and inclusivity—an important part of the conversations.

However, it hasn’t been merely about just meeting under one roof. Our friends and colleagues at the Small & Minority Business Resources department are our right-hand team for these efforts. Together with SMBR, we delivered insights, procurement expertise, and invaluable networking prospects to firms big and small, local and national. The dynamism of the Austin airport isn’t confined within the city limits. Far from it—we took our showcase on the road, actively engaging in more than 35 local, state, and national events, and sharing information.


Six panel members sitting in chairs on a stage with a blue background that have the Austin airport logo and Journey With AUS brand.


The Fall Industry Day in November marked the grand finale of this year-long 2023 journey. Held at the Hyatt Regency Austin, it drew an impressive attendance of over 470 participants from across the nation. Panels, discussions, and shared insights regarding AUS's vision for excellence and transformation took center stage. Panelists divulged forthcoming opportunities in technology, concessions, workforce development, and the expansion program at AUS. The event included 34 companies hosting networking stations, and six resource tables to answer questions and educate attendees. Information presented at all of these events can be found on the AUS Business and Opportunities webpage. 

Even as the curtains close on 2023, we remain committed to our Journey With AUS mission—steadfastly focused on the economic and environmental impact within the community, actively engaging the workforce, and uncovering contracting opportunities promising decades of growth, collaboration, and transformation.