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Passengers flying with Frontier or Allegiant Airlines will depart from the South Terminal, a separate terminal that is not accessible from the main Barbara Jordan Terminal at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS). It is located at 10000 Logistics Ln., which is accessed by taking US 183 South to Burleson Rd. 

Shuttles are available to take passengers from the Barbara Jordan Terminal to the South Terminal during flight operations. They pick up about every 20 minutes. It’s a 15- to 20-minute drive to the South Terminal depending on traffic. It’s recommended that passengers park on-site or get dropped off directly at the South Terminal ahead of their flight.


South Terminal Aerial View


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to the South Terminal?

From TX-71 follow signs for U.S. 183 South to Burleson Road, turn left on Burleson Road, turn left on Emma Browning Ave, follow the Left curve in the road leading you into the South Terminal.

Is there parking at the South Terminal? How much is it?

Yes, passengers can park in the South Terminal parking lot. There are 3 options: Premium Lot, Economy Lot and Close-in Lot (temporarily closed). You must pay for parking with a card; cash is not accepted.

Disabled Veteran complimentary parking is available at the South Terminal Economy Lot (it is not available at the Premium or Close-in Lots).

Does the South Terminal have security screening?

Yes, just like the Barbara Jordan Terminal, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screens passengers and luggage at the South Terminal. TSA rules and regulations apply at both terminals. Access information on what you can and cannot pack, prohibited items and more.

Are there taxis or rideshares at the South Terminal?

Yes. Taxies and rideshares pick up and drop you off directly at the South Terminal.

Where do I pick up my rental car?

A shuttle bus will pick up passengers needing rental cars outside of the South Terminal Arrivals area. Shuttles will take you to the Rental Car Facility located at the Barbara Jordan Terminal (a 15- to 20-minute ride).

Once you return your rental car, the same shuttle bus will pick you up and bring you back to the South Terminal.

How do I get to the Barbara Jordan Terminal if I have a connection on a different airline?

The South Terminal will have a shuttle bus available to take passengers to the Barbara Jordan Terminal if they have connecting flights on airlines that are not serviced by the South Terminal.

When should I arrive at the South Terminal for my flight?

TSA recommends all travelers arrive at least 2 hours prior to their flight no matter what airport or airline they are using. 

Where do I go if I’m picking up or dropping off passengers from the South Terminal?

You can pick up arriving passengers curbside directly in front of the Arrivals area. Waiting curbside is not permitted and you’ll be asked to move your vehicle if you remain idle. You can choose to wait in the Cell Phone lot on-site for free or pay to park in the Premium parking lot (directly in front of the South Terminal) while you wait.

You can drop off passengers curbside directly in front of the Arrivals area. If you’d like to accompany them in, you may pay to park in the Premium parking lot (directly in front of the South Terminal).

Is the South Terminal handicap accessible?

Yes. The entire South Terminal, outdoor patio and boarding ramps can be easily accessed by anyone who may require wheeled assistance.

What other details about the shuttle bus operation between the two terminals should I know?
  1. If you’re traveling between the two terminals there is a shuttle bus that picks up and drops off on the upper deck of the Barbara Jordan terminal. Offsite Parking facilities will not be supported by the South Terminal. The location is designated by a large red and white sign that reads “South Terminal”.
  2. The shuttle runs during flight operations and the trip takes around 15-20 minutes to get to and from each terminal.
Is there food in the South Terminal? Are there 24/7 options?

Yes, explore food options.

When will the South Terminal close?

The facility will remain operational under the Department of Aviation until the required removal to support new airfield infrastructure for the midfield concourse, which is anticipated to occur in early 2026. While we do not have a set closure date yet, the airport will communicate this to travelers and the general public in before the facility is closed permanently.