Text reads: Ultimate guide to aus - drinks. Photos of a Medici coffee and cocktail are at the bottom.

Let's get to the bevy breakdown at AUS...


Where to get refreshing hydration in the form of bottles of water, soda, and more:

  • Austin Article, Gate 18

  • Market [512], Gate 12

  • Jetset, Gate 23

  • Barton Springs, Gates 14 &…
Text reads : New Destination! Cleveland, Ohio. Frontier logo and Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

Embarking on an exciting venture, Frontier Airlines is all set to bridge the gap between Austin and Cleveland, opening up a world of nonstop possibilities. The airline is revealing a remarkable array of direct flights from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) to 10 additional destinations; read more

Graphic with aviation elements on it including an airplane; similar to a video game in the 1990s. Text reads: 2023. 22 million passenger journeys...

Hold onto your hats, Austin fanatics, because we're about to take you on a ride through the numbers that define a year of unprecedented success at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS). As we bid farewell to our busiest year ever – a whopping 22 million+ passengers (a 4.77% increase from 2022) – in 2023, we find ourselves marveling not just at the airplanes taking off, but at the numbers tied to tacos, pounds of brisket, and T-shirts flying off the shelves at AUS.

Beyond the local food and quirky merchandise, though, these numbers serve as a look at what keeps our financial health in good standing, supports a robust job market, and keeps o…

Text reads: AUS to spring break - flights. AUS to domestic & international destinations. New airlines and nonstop flights. Find all nonstops at Photos of different international destinations like Amsterdam are to the left.

Y'all, let’s get down to spring break business.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

  • Fun Things To Do: Yacht party, Vallarta Botanical Gardens, boat tour to Los Arcos National Marine Park, and the bumping Romantic Zone nightlife.
  • Airline: Southwest Airlines
  • AUS to PVR ETA-ish: 2.3 hours

Cozumel, Mexico

  • Fun Things To Do: Tour or snorkel the Cozumel Reefs, Mayan ruins of San Gervasio, Paradise Beach, an ATV tour of the island, and waterfront bars and clubs.
  • Airlines: Southwest Airlines (Saturdays)
  • AUS to CZM ETA-ish: 2.5 hou…
Text reads: Ultimate guide to AUS: Food. There's a photo of a fruit bowl and pizza from AUS.

For this ultimate guide: food edition, we’re going back to the basics… Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) is no stranger to good food and foodie fame. That’s because it’s had years to build its reputation as being a well-known, “local first” airport. We’ve upped the ante of airport food by opting out of the golden arches and fast pandas, and opting in to places like Haymaker, Thurman’s, Salt Lick BBQ, Juiceland and Sushi-A-Go-Go.

For the sake of this guide, we’re keeping our recommendations short and simple for the hungry wanderer. For a full list of our restaurant options and hours of operation, 

A photo of a drummer on the left side. To the right, the Beats, Bites & Flights branded logo.

A photo of chefs from AUS attending the Grilled Mac & Cheese Fest. To the right, text reads: Beats, Bites & Flights

The AUS concession program, “Beats, Bites and Flights,” is one-of-a-kind, just like Austin. The terminal is boiling and buzzing with local flavors and products inspired by local landmarks and business owners, welcoming newcomers to our City the best way possible: food, drinks, live music, and Austin-themed products. These things mix together to bring an eclectic and vibra…

a photo of an airplane wing and ocean in the background with text that reads "out of office"

"Howdy, travelers! It's time to pack your bags, book your flights, and head to the airport. As you get your vacation mood boards ready, we want to make sure you’re prepared for a busy summer! During the summer of 2022, a whopping 5,741,431 million passengers traveled through AUS - making it the busiest summer travel season in airport history; this summer is set to break even more records.

But fear not, AUS has been working hard to make your travel experience as smooth and comfortable as possible. We’ve got exciting things ahead, with new nonstop destinations launching, including Sacramento, Vancouver, Calgary, Omaha, Panama City, and Pensacola. Plus, we’re making…

A close-up photo of the Garrison Bros whiskey and an Old Fashioned cocktail. The Asleep at the Wheel stage at the Saxon Pub is in the background.

In the heart of Texas and heart of AUS (the Asleep at the Wheel stage, naturally), an unforgettable celebration took place as Delaware North, one of our food and retail partners, joined forces with Garrison Brothers Distillery, the trailblazing pioneers of Texas whiskey, to celebrate a good ‘ol fashioned partnership right at the Saxon Pub.

Earlier this month, passengers were treated to an exclusive experience at the Saxon Pub, where they had the chance meet and speak with none other than Texas whiskey craftsmen themselves: Dan and Charlie Garrison of The Garrison Bros. The occasion marked the official launch of The Garrison Bros Barrel Age…

Illustration of an airfield in the background and solar panels in the foreground. Text reads: Environmental Achievements AUS 2023 Highlights

Our city is famous for live music, shopping on SoCo, bbq, population booms, and an eco-conscious culture that reaches across the city, all the way down past 71 and 183, right to the curbside Departures Level. That’s right, even an airport can reflect a city’s appreciation for and efforts to support a more sustainable Austin.

Although our environmental reach doesn’t extend to things such as airplanes (those are owned and operated by the airlines), we ain’t all hat and no cattle… There are a few things that we can do as an airp…

AUS airport operations are carbon neutral! Again! AUS sustained a Level 3+ Carbon Neutral accreditation for 2022 airport operations, the airport's busiest year to date

In an age of climate crisis and heightened environmental awareness, we believe it’s every institution’s job to aim lower – reduce activities that are harmful to the environment – and higher – increase contributions and activities that impact the environment in positive ways and offset harmful activities.

As an airport, we run a critical, 24/7 operation for Austin and the Central Texas region. We do our part in assessing the daily operations and activities that are under our (the airport, not the airlines or our partners) control to find either alternative or more environmentally friendly solutions, or ways to reduce our reliance…