Brotherly Love Takes Flight: Garrison Brothers Distillery and Delaware North Soar at AUS

In the heart of Texas and heart of AUS (the Asleep at the Wheel stage, naturally), an unforgettable celebration took place as Delaware North, one of our food and retail partners, joined forces with Garrison Brothers Distillery, the trailblazing pioneers of Texas whiskey, to celebrate a good ‘ol fashioned partnership right at the Saxon Pub.

Earlier this month, passengers were treated to an exclusive experience at the Saxon Pub, where they had the chance meet and speak with none other than Texas whiskey craftsmen themselves: Dan and Charlie Garrison of The Garrison Bros. The occasion marked the official launch of The Garrison Bros Barrel Aged Old Fashion at the Saxon Pub, setting the stage for an afternoon filled with bitters and zest. The team poured drinks, spoke with passengers, talked whiskey tours and shared the secrets to preparing their renowned Barrel Aged Old Fashioned.

A close-up photo of a Garrison Brothers bourbon whiskey bottle with an Old Fashioned next to it. The Asleep at the Wheel stage at the Saxon Pub is in the background.

Now, you too can experience the wonder of this whiskey collaboration by indulging in the classic drink exclusively at the Saxon Pub by Gate 19. Mixed with the utmost care, the drink features the robust and intricate flavors of Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon, complemented by the sweetness of turbinado syrup, and finished with dashes of Angostura and orange bitters. The inclusion of Angostura bitters adds subtle hints of spice and aromatic complexity, while the orange bitters introduce a citrusy zest that brightens up the drink. The result? A cocktail that seamlessly marries the old-world charm of a traditional Old Fashioned with the innovative twist of barrel aging.

Renowned for their commitment to creating world-class Texas bourbon, The Garrison Brothers can add a touch of warmth to your winter season.

Whether you find yourself waiting for your flight, arriving in Austin, or simply passing through, the Saxon Pub's inviting atmosphere and live music set the perfect stage for savoring the Garrison Brothers Barrel-Aged Old Fashioned right in the terminal. So, raise your glass and toast to a smooth and zesty winter season at AUS!