Rohini: Project Manager Building Construction Projects and Dreams at AUS

In a bustling world where airports signify journeys, adventure, and new beginnings, there's someone behind the scenes ensuring the smooth flow of these stories: Rohini Kumarage, a powerhouse project manager at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS). But it's not just a job for Rohini; it's her passion, her oasis, and a result of her unconventional journey.

Rohini’s enthusiasm for her role is evident in every architectural rendering, project meeting, and decision related to her many career AUS capital projects. Her path to engineering and project management was not a conventional one, shaped by challenges and a determination to fulfill her dreams while not disappointing her family.

Woman standing with little girl in native Guatemalan dress.Growing up in Sri Lanka, Rohini, as the only daughter with two older brothers and a loving, protective father, had to design her ambitions around a society where career opportunities for women were somewhat restricted. Still, her dreams stretched beyond those limits. With a curiosity about the world, she made connections through dozens of pen pals across the globe, planting the seeds for her future adventures.

As she started her adult life, Rohini plotted to take a position as a flight attendant for perhaps a career in travel but that was gently halted by a caring father with bigger dreams. Rohini ventured into education, a path that led her to the United States as a stepping-stone to seeing the world. She eventually married, moved to Texas, and kept teaching. It was in Texas that she started going to night school to get her civil engineering degree. Her studies are what brought her to Austin.

Her engineering career work started as an intern with Austin Water, paving the way for a stint in the private sector before returning to the City, ultimately finding her calling at AUS. Her transition to the Austin airport, a place she once predicted she’d be working at, became the turning point in her career narrative.

What sets Rohini apart is her belief in empowering project teams to shape and own their endeavors, fostering collaboration and innovation. For her, success isn't merely completing projects; it's about nurturing leaders within her teams, filling voids with internal talent to learn from. The dynamic nature of decision-making and constant problem-solving thrills her, supported by the unwavering support of her project cohorts.

While her childhood longing to explore every corner of the world persists, Rohini finds satisfaction in her work at AUS. The airport became her gateway to global experiences, allowing countless travelers to embark on their own adventures. Though she squeezes in personal travels when time permits, her dedication to refining the Austin airport embodies her commitment to facilitating the world's journeys.

Rohini stands as a testament to resilience, defying societal constraints to carve her path in a male-dominated industry. Her unwavering passion for her work and the boundless horizons it represents make her a force shaping the narratives of countless journeys taking flight from Austin.

As she continues orchestrating the growth and evolution of AUS, Rohini's story remains a beacon of inspiration—a testament to the transformative power of determination, passion, and a relentless pursuit of dreams.