Suitcase serenade: A spotlight on our guitars in baggage claim

You can’t be the Live Music Capital of the World’s airport without 10-foot-tall guitars towering over travelers as they get into town. “Eight Guitars” is one of the many pièce de résistance of AUS, an art installation strumming with the spirit of the city outside our curbside doors.

But there’s more to this art installation than meets that tired, post-flight eye. These famous guitars sit atop our baggage claim carousels, and are made of fiberglass and decorated with the minds of local creatives. Commissioned by Gibson Guitars almost 20 years ago, the guitars are now part of the City of Austin Art in Public Places Collection and are considered a cultural landmark in our city. Each guitar flaunts a unique and artistic design created by local artists and celebrities.

Eight Guitars has become famous in its own right, catching the attention of global travelers since ‘09. The next time you’re here, take the time to look up and rock on.

photo of Musicapital guitar at AUS

photo of the back of Musicapital guitar at AUS

“Musicapital” by Sharon Roy Finch

Photo of Austin Music Flows guitar at AUS

“Austin Music Flows” by Debra Prather Samples 

Photo of Keep Austin Weird guitar at AUS

“Keep Austin Weird” by Sara Hickman

Photo of La Guitarra guitar at AUS

“La Guitarra” by Delfin Escalante

Photo of Piece of My Heart guitar at AUS

“Piece of My Heart” by Tracie Sutton

Photo of Por Vida guitar at AUS

“Por Vida” by Kathy Marcus

Photo of "Musician" guitar at AUS

“Musician” by Howard Weliver

Photo of Rockabilly guitar at AUS

“Rockabilly” by Cindy Raschke & Craig Barnes