The Ultimate Guide to AUS: Music

We’re back with another ultimate guide covering an ultimate topic: Music. At AUS, music meets travel in perfect harmony and has been for years. Our music program is dedicated to bringing the soul and sounds of Austin to our airport, and they make it happen at one of our EIGHT stages (and one traveling tye-dye piano) throughout the week. We host lineups that will rock your socks off. So let’s take a look at the music scene at AUS!

  1. First up, get ready to be wowed at the Asleep at the Wheel mainstage, which is our largest stage, boisterously nestled between the Saxon Pub and Earl Campbell’s Taco Truck. The stage can fit singers, choir groups, drums, guitars, and even dancers... Named after the Austin-based, Grammy-winning band, this stage is our loudest and proudest, hosting the likes of its very own Ray Benson (co-founder and guitarist of Asleep at the Wheel) and international supergroup boygenius.

  2. For a tune and a taste of local flavor, head over to the Tacodeli Stage, conveniently located near—you guessed it—Tacodeli. It’s small, but mighty, with an iconic “Live Music Capital of the World” neon light shining down on it.

  3. Need a breather and a beat? We recommend relaxing at Annie's Cafe, our open-air restaurant and bar. A stage is nestled snugly in the corner of the café with plenty of open-air seating, perfect for people watching and beat bopping.

  4. If you’re more into the mysterious and dim-lit concert vibe, look no further than the Haymaker Stage. The calming, deep blue lights bring a mellow feel to the performance, creating the perfect atmosphere and soundtrack for a craft beer or two.

  5. Did you know Hut’s Hamburgers has a stage? As passengers hustle and bustle past the restaurant, right in the corner is a dedicated and passionate artist, tucked away for an intimate musical experience with our hungry passengers.

  6. For a second-larger-than-life performance, head to the Austin City Market Stage, our second largest stage. It’s more intimate than the Asleep at the Wheel stage and more proud—with a giant, iconic Texas flag as the backdrop.

  7. Next up, the 24 Diner Stage. No, it doesn’t host music 24 hours a day, but it still brings the beat during regular hours for a pleasant sounding, casual dining experience before your flight. 

  8. And lastly, for y’all wine enthusiasts out there, don't miss the Vino Volo Stage, surrounded by a curated selection of wines, fellow aficionados and troubadours. It’s a small and refined setting that’ll transport you to some charming European wine cellar nestled in a picturesque countryside.

Announcing the 2024 AUS Spring Music Showcase!

Now that we’ve covered our stages and where you can catch the next act… This month, from Monday, March 11 to Monday, March 18, we’ll be rolling out a special, curated round of live shows throughout the week, featuring a total of 50 artists, all for the love of music and our city.

Included in the Spring Music Showcase line-up: soulful R&B from Alesia Lani; tunes from the mind of songwriter Django Walker (son of Texas music legend Jerry Jeff Walker); beats by the next big thing, Grace Sorensen; music stylings of Seth James (don’t be fooled by his country western look! This man is nothing but rock-and-soul roots FUNK); and other amazing artists.

>>2024 AUS Spring Music Showcase line-up<<