The Ultimate Guide to AUS: Photo opp spots - One-of-a-kind selfie backdrops in the terminal

Welcome to the vibrant world of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport! Our airport, just like our city, is super unique and has a knack for attracting creative talent. In the terminal, you’ll find that we resemble Austin as a canvas for creativity with the essence of the city adorned via murals and installations. Here are some of our favorite large “lookers” that could be the perfect backdrop for your next photo: 

Photo of the "Deep in the Heart of Texas" graffiti mural by Earl Campbell's at AUS.

Deep in the heart of Texas
And with bleacher seats? That's as Texas as you can get.
Across from the Asleep at the Wheel stage by Gate 19.

Photo of Meanderwing at AUS.

Our outdoor art installation known for dropping jaws and inspiring influencers.
Between the Blue Garage and Rental Car Facility.

A photo of the Interimaginary Departures exhibit at AUS.Photo of the Interimaginary Departures exhibit at AUS.

Interimaginary Departures
Our far-out art installation, also known as the “infinity” gate.
Next to Gate 14.

Photo of Ray Benson performing at the Asleep at the Wheel stage at AUS.

Live music stages
There are muuuultipleeee locations in the terminal.
Pictured: The Asleep at the Wheel stage by the Saxon Pub.

Photo of the large sign located outside of Austin Mercantile at AUS. It has different Texas and Austin themes including the quote "Hot music, hot temps, hot you."

Hot music, hot temps, hot you.
Outside of Austin Mercantile, selling nothing but Austin.
By Gate 28.

Photo of a large sign outside of Flyrite that reads: "Real. Good."

2 words you can’t miss or deny.
At Flyrite by Gate 22.

Photo of a large graffiti hand located on the wall of Toy Joy at AUS.

Graffiti handprint
This hand is bigger than you.
External wall of Toy Joy and Yummi Joy by Gate 11.

Photo of a large painting on the wall at AUS of an onion and avocado high-fiving.

Onion meet avocado, avocado meet onion
Au chante.
Located to the right of Tacodeli.

Photo of a neon sign at AUS that reads" Live Music Capital of the World"

Live Music Capital of the World sign at the Tacodeli stage
Watch out for (and watch!) musical artists who frequently perform there.
Also located to the right of Tacodeli.

Happy snapping, y'all!