State regulations and City ordinances require that reclaimed water users post signs at water storage tanks and hose bibs to notify people that reclaimed water is being used.

Do not drink from the irrigation service imageAs a service, we have prepared sample "Do Not Drink" and "Do Not Swim" signs for water reclamation users to download and use to meet the following reclaimed water signage requirements. 

Reclaimed Water Service Signage Requirements

  • The signs must contain the words "Reclaimed Water, Do Not Drink" in both English and Spanish.
  • Signs must be at least 8" x 8" with at least ½" lettering.
  • The "Do Not Drink" sign must be placed at least once on the water reclamation site, at each reclaimed water faucet hose/bib, and at each storage tank.
  • The "Do Not Swim" sign must be posted at reclaimed water
  • Reclaimed water piping within a building is subject to additional identification and marking requirements; contact the City's Plumbing Department for details.