CIP ID 3023.022

In order to maintain reliable wastewater treatment to City of Austin customers, Austin Public Works and Austin Water are undertaking a major improvement project within the Walnut Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. The plant’s initial construction was in 1977. Capacity improvements were constructed in 1987 and again in 1990.

The advanced age of the equipment and obsolescence of the instrumentation and controls in these process areas has led to operational and maintenance challenges. Replacement of the existing pumping systems is necessary to restore reliability to the plant’s hydraulic capacity.

    Construction Time Frame

    Construction Phase: July 2020 – September 2022
    Dates are projected as accurately as possible, but are subject to change.

    Project Scope

    • Removal and replacement of five (5) existing primary sludge pumps, three (3) scum pumps, associated piping and valves.
    • Removal and replacement of eight (8) existing settled wastewater pumps, and associated discharge piping and valves.
    • Removal and replacement of three (3) existing cooling water pumps.
    • Partial replacement of open loop non-potable water (NPW) piping system, replacement of closed loop piping system, and rehabilitation of existing heat exchanger.
    • Installation of a new portable emergency generator interconnect for raw water pumping system.
    • Replacement of existing control panels and instrumentation and control devices with modern components inside new modern cabinets.

    Project Area

    Work for this project will be limited to City-owned property at the Walnut Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. 

    Neighborhood Impact

    • Construction for this project is confined within the plant and adjacent City-owned buffer area; impact to neighborhood is expected to be limited.
    • Contractor will adhere to the City's noise ordinance, but typical construction noise can be expected within approved working hours from trucks and equipment.


    • Name of CWSRF (Clean Water State Revolving Fund) administering agency: Texas Water Development Board
    • Partially funded by CWSRF (Clean Water State Revolving Fund)


    • Gabriel Castano, Project Manager, Public Works  
    • Rebecca Vento, Engineer, Austin Water
    • Emlea Chanslor, Public Information, Austin Water