Watch the February 5 Oltorf Reclaimed Water Main Phase 2, Public Meeting recording.

Project Overview

Purified to almost drinking-level quality, reclaimed water is recycled to irrigate fields, support manufacturing, cool buildings, and more. Through this process, Austin Water recycles water that historically was discharged into the Colorado River, giving our local water a second life and helping to preserve this most precious and finite resource for years to come.

Reclaimed water runs through pipes that are purple, so that people know which pipes are running drinking-level quality water and which are running reclaimed. This gives reclaimed water the nickname “Purple Pipe.”

Austin Water has installed miles of purple pipe already and is working to compete a central ring of reclaimed piping. Through the Oltorf Reclaimed Water Project Phase 2, we will “complete the core” by installing 7,000 linear feet of purple pipes along Oltorf Street, Parker Lane, Mariposa Drive, and Travis Heights Boulevard.

During this project we will also install approximately 1,600 linear feet of new water pipes that are of greater diameter than the current water pipes, laying the groundwork for increased water pressure in the future.

To learn more about reclaimed water service connections, please see:

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We anticipate construction will start in February of 2024 and take 20 months to complete.


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Watch the February 5 Oltorf Reclaimed Water Main Phase 2, Public Meeting recording.

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Project Manager

Lisa Whitworth

Capital Delivery 


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Oystein Moen

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Community Outreach

Cynthia Miller

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