Effective April 1, 2024

SPL No. Product Description Latest Revision Date
WW-3 Fire Hydrants 04-01-21
WW-3A Blow-off Valve for Reclaimed Water 04-01-16
WW-3B Automatic Flushing Valve 01-01-11
WW-3C Paint 01-01-13
WW-27 Ductile Iron Pipe 07-01-23
WW-27A Joint Restraint Devices for Ductile Iron Pipe 01-01-24
WW-27A-01 Joint Restraint Devices for MJ Bell Connections 07-01-23
WW-27A-02 Joint Restraint Devices for Cast Iron Pipe (DIP O.D. Only) 01-01-20
WW-27B Compact Ductile Iron Fittings and Fitting Weight Schedule 07-01-23
WW-27C Ductile Iron Fittings 07-01-23
WW-27D Polyethylene Encasement for Ductile Iron Pipe 10-01-20
WW-27E Flanged Ductile Iron Pipe AWWA C115 07-01-19
WW-27F Restrained Joint Ductile Iron Pipe and Fittings 07-01-20
WW-27G Joint Restraint Gaskets for Ductile Iron Pipe (4 inch to 24 inch) 01-01-20
WW-27H Disinfecting Chemicals for Potable Water Lines 07-01-19
WW-27J Dismantling Joints (4 inch to 12 inch) 10-01-22
WW-65 Polyethylene Tubing for Potable Water Services 07-01-15
WW-65A Polyethylene Tubing for Reclaimed Water Services 04-01-15
WW-65C Polyethylene Tubing for Low Pressure Sewers 10-01-20
WW-68 Brass Goods 04-01-24
WW-123 Swing Check Valves, AWWA C508 10-01-12
WW-123A Swing Check Valves, Air Cushioned 10-01-12
WW-145A Water Meter and Wastewater Cleanout Boxes and Lids 04-01-24
WW-146 Concrete Manhole Sections 04-01-24
WW-146A Manhole Seals 10-01-20
WW-146B Large Diameter Cleanouts (Sampling Port) 01-01-15
WW-146C Manhole Gaskets 04-01-24
WW-146D Pipe-to-Manhole Connectors (Normal Service) 10-01-21
WW-146E Pipe-to-Manhole Connectors (High Head)  04-01-15
WW-146F Polymer Concrete Manhole Sections 04-01-19
WW-146G Manhole Grade Rings, Plastics 07-01-18
WW-146H Wastewater Manhole Internal Drop 07-01-19
WW-218 24 inch Manhole Cover Casting Sets 07-01-23
WW-219 32 inch Manhole Cover Casting Sets 07-01-23
WW-227 PVC Gravity Sewer Pipe (6 inch to 15 inch) 01-01-23
WW-227A PVC Gravity Sewer Pipe (18 inch to 60 inch) 07-01-22
WW-227B PVC Wastewater Line Fittings 01-01-23
WW-227B-1 PVC  Wastewater Line Fittings for Standard 520-AW-01A  01-01-23
WW-227C End Caps for Wastewater Service Lines 07-01-04
WW-227D PVC Wastewater Service Adaptors 01-01-20
WW-243 Tapping Sleeves: Iron Full-body MJ (4" and larger) 04-01-16
WW-243A Tapping Sleeves: Steel Full-body MJ (16" and larger) 10-01-18
WW-243B Tapping Sleeves: Steel Full-body for CSC Pipe 10-01-18
WW-243C Tapping Sleeves: Steel Full-Body for Line Stops 10-01-18
WW-243D Tapping Sleeves: Steel Full-Body for Line Stops on CSC Pipe 10-01-18
WW-256 Single Strap Service Clamps 07-01-11
WW-259 Cutting-in Sleeves 04-01-09
WW-264 Double Strap Service Clamps 04-01-24
WW-276 Ball Valves for Property Owner's Cutoff 04-01-13
WW-283 Concrete Steel Cylinder Pipe 04-01-22
WW-298 Pre-cast Water Utility Vaults 04-01-23
WW-308 PVC Water Pipe (4" - 16" Diameter) 10-01-23
WW-308A Factory Restrained Joint PVC Water Pipe 01-01-23
WW-308B Factory Restrained Joint PVC Water Pipe Fittings (4" to 12" Diameter) 04-01-12
WW-308C Joint Restraint Devices for PVC Pipe 01-01-24
WW-319 Pressure Reducing Valves 10-01-12
WW-319A Strainers 01-01-12
WW-354 Semi-Rigid Coupling and Adapters 10-01-14
WW-462 Combination Air Valves for Wastewater 04-01-24
WW-462A Combination Air Valves for Potable and Reclaimed Water 04-01-24
WW-463 Flange x Flange Reducing Spools and Companion Flanges 01-01-24
WW-488T T-Head Bolts 07-01-06
WW-488R Threaded Restraining Rod (HSLA) 04-01-13
WW-506 Transition Couplings 07-01-11
WW-506A Transition Couplings, Wide Range 10-01-14
WW-509 Fiberglass Pipe for Wastewater 07-01-22
WW-511 Organic Lining for Wastewater Manholes 04-01-24
WW-511A Structural Lining for Wastewater Manholes 04-01-19
WW-511B Cementitious Lining for Wastewater Manholes 04-01-08
WW-534 Linings for Ductile Iron Wastewater Force Main Pipe 10-01-22
WW-575 Casing Spacers 04-01-19
WW-575A End Seals for Encasement Pipe 10-01-14
WW-575B Casing Spacers, Joint Restraint Type 04-01-16
WW-587 PVC Pipe Schedule 80 01-01-10
WW-587A PVC Fittings Schedule 80 07-01-05
WW-597 Tracer Tape 07-01-21
WW-613 Seamless Copper Tubing 10-01-11
WW-614 Access Doors 36 Inch by 36 Inch 10-01-15
WW-614A Access Doors 48 Inch by 72 Inch 10-01-15
WW-614B Pipe Saddle Support 01-01-19
WW-622 Miscellaneous Gray Iron Castings 07-01-23
WW-700 Resilient-Seated Gate Valves, AWWA C515 10-01-22
WW-700A Gate Valve Actuators, Manual 10-01-22
WW-700B Insert Valves 04-01-16
WW-701 Manhole Inserts 01-02-03
WW-702 Vitrified Clay Pipe ASTM C 1208 04-01-10
WW-703 Resilient-Seated Eccentric Plug Valves for Wastewater, AWWA C517 01-01-24
WW-704 Packaged Concrete Mix 07-01-11
WW-704A Packaged Non-Shrink Grout Mix 07-01-11
WW-706 Polyethylene Pressure Pipe (4" to 16" Diameter) 01-01-24
WW-706A Polyethylene Butt Fusion Fittings, Molded (4" to 16" Diameter) 01-01-24
WW-706B Polyethylene Butt Fusion Fittings, Fabricated (4" to 16" Diameter) 01-01-24
WW-706C Polyethylene Electrofusion Fittings (4" to 16" Diameter) 01-01-24