The Ullrich Water Treatment Plant was built in 1969 and has a rated design treatment capacity of 167 million gallons per day (MGD). The plant is a conventional lime softening design, with up-flow solids contact reactor type clarifiers, gravity filters, clear well storage, and has raw water and finished water pumping stations. The plant has undergone a number of expansions and renovations over the years. It was expanded to its current treatment capacity in 2006. Ullrich Water Treatment Plant is one of three water treatment plants serving Austin Water customers and it is the largest in treatment capacity.

The American Water Work’s Association has recognized Ullrich Water Treatment Plant with the President’s Award from the Partnership for Safe Water. This prestigious award has been given to an elite group of 30 plants across the country. The award honors the performance of a plant’s filters, which play a key role in filtering out harmful bacteria.

Wildfire Mitigation

In September 2021, Austin Water, in collaboration with the Austin Fire Department, began a wildfire mitigation project on land surrounding the Ullrich Water Treatment Plant. Learn more about the project hereView the map here. 


Ullrich Improvement Projects

Austin Water is planning improvements to the Ullrich Water Treatment Plant. The projects will bring process enhancements to the plant. Austin Water’s Capital Improvement Plan does not include plans to expand the current rated capacity of the plant, which is currently 167 million gallons per day. A list of projects in the 5-year Capital Improvement Plan for Ullrich Water Treatment Plant as of July 2020 is provided for reference. The projects will be constructed on the current site and are planned within the current fence line.

You can view a list of Ullrich Improvement Projects here

Low Service Pump Station Electrical Feed Renewal (5335.016) 

The Ullrich Water Treatment Plant was built in 1969 and provides potable water for Austin's residential, commercial, and wholesale customers in conjunction with the City's other water plants. The plant's raw water is drawn from Lake Austin by the Low Service Pump Station (LSPS), powered by an electrical substation constructed in 1969. This substation has exceeded its remaining useful life and requires replacement with a modern enclosed electrical substation facility.

The Ullrich Water Treatment Plant Low Service Pump Station Electrical Feed Renewal Project will build a modern electrical substation facility, a new electrical duct bank connecting it with the Low-Service Pump Station. This will allow the new power distribution system to be built over several years, while the old power distribution system remains in service, allowing the water plant to remain in service during construction. A new access road will be constructed along the route of the new duct bank providing better site access. The project will also implement storm water quality improvements for the LSPS site, and the new power distribution system will meet current Austin Water electrical standards for safety and reliability.

Construction Timeframe: February 2021 – October 2023

Project Area: Work for this project will be limited to City-owned property at the Ullrich Water Treatment Plant

Neighborhood Impact: 
Construction for this project is confined within the plant and adjacent City-owned buffer area; impact to neighborhood is expected to be limited. Contractor will adhere to the City's noise ordinance, but typical construction noise can be expected within approved working hours from trucks and equipment.

This project is partially funded with Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) funding through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). DWSRF funding is administered through the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB – DWSRF Project No. 62854)

Project Contacts:
Project Manager – Robyn Haasch – 512-974-2624  -
Project Sponsor – Bryan Barnett – 512-972-0162 -
Public Outreach – Emlea Chanslor – 512-972-0145 –

Community Outreach:

Past Meetings
August 20, 2020 - Ullrich Water Treatment Plant Online Community Meeting (watch the video and presentation)
May 13, 2021 - Ullrich Water Treatment Plant Online Community Meeting (watch the video and presentation)

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