This webpage serves as a resource for Austin Water customers who are considering collecting, treating, and using rainwater, graywater, stormwater, condensate water or other non-sewage originated waters on their property (onsite) for non-potable applications in multi-family and commercial buildings. 



How do I obtain project approval under the new ordinance? 

Follow these simple steps to obtain approval under the new Onsite Water Reuse Systems Ordinance (approved December 2020). 

  1. Submit an Application and Water Balance Calculator to Austin Water
    The Onsite Water Reuse System Application and Water Balance Calculator for multi-family and commercial projects are located below. The Water Balance Calculator must be completed and submitted with your project's Onsite Water Reuse System Application.
    Onsite Water Reuse System Application 
    - Water Balance Calculator 
  2. Submit an Onsite Water Reuse Implementation Plan to Austin Water (applicable only to district-scale systems)
    The Onsite Water Reuse System Implementation Plan must be prepared in accordance with the following checklist. 
    Onsite Water Reuse System Implementation Plan Checklist.
  3. Submit an Engineering Report to Austin Water for Approval
    The Engineering Report must be prepared by a registered professional engineer. Projects that reuse an alternative water source solely for subsurface irrigation or for surface non-spray irrigation do not need to submit an Engineering Report.
  4. Obtain an Encroachment Agreement from ORES (if applicable)
    Onsite water reuse systems with infrastructure located within the public right-of-way are required to obtain an Encroachment Agreement from the City of Austin - Office of Real Estate Services (ORES). 
  5. Submit Plan Reviews to DSD and Austin Water for Approval of the Onsite Water Reuse System Construction
    In addition to Austin Water approval of the Engineering Report, approval of the Auxiliary Water Source Plan Review by Austin Water and a Commercial Plan Review by the City of Austin - Development Services Department (DSD) are required before DSD will issue a plumbing permit to construct the system.
  6. Complete Construction Inspections - In addition to commercial building inspections, onsite water reuse systems must complete a cross-connection test and related inspections.
     - Schedule a Cross Connection Test with a qualified inspector
     - Schedule an onsite water reuse system final construction inspection with Austin Water by contacting
  7. Obtain a Permit to Operate from Austin Water
    A Construction Certification letter and successful Cross Connection Test are required prior to operation. Projects that reuse an alternative water source solely for subsurface irrigation or for surface non-spray irrigation do not need to obtain a Permit to Operate.
  8. Conduct Ongoing Monitoring, Reporting, and Inspections
    Ongoing monitoring is crucial to ensure the onsite water reuse system is in proper working order. Operators report the results of the ongoing monitoring to Austin Water using the Discharge Monitoring Report form at the frequency identified in their Permit to Operate.


Additional Resources

In December 2020, the City of Austin adopted the Onsite Water Reuse Systems Ordinance, adding Chapter 15-13 to the City of Austin Code, to regulate the collection, treatment, and use of alternative water sources for non-potable uses in multi-family and commercial buildings.

Use these helpful resources below to help you with your system design.