Checking “busiest year ever” and “selling over a milli of tacos” off our to-do list for 2023

Hold onto your hats, Austin fanatics, because we're about to take you on a ride through the numbers that define a year of unprecedented success at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS). As we bid farewell to our busiest year ever – a whopping 22 million+ passengers (a 4.77% increase from 2022) – in 2023, we find ourselves marveling not just at the airplanes taking off, but at the numbers tied to tacos, pounds of brisket, and T-shirts flying off the shelves at AUS.

Beyond the local food and quirky merchandise, though, these numbers serve as a look at what keeps our financial health in good standing, supports a robust job market, and keeps our city weird even within the 4 curved walls of AUS. So let’s take a look at our retail and restaurants’ success in 2023.

Restaurant & retail by the numbers:

  • Over 1.09 million tacos sold
  • 18,000+ Tyler’s t-shirts floating around in the world courtesy of AUS
  • 8,200+ Keep Austin Weird shirts sold
  • Almost 100,000 pounds of brisket consumed

Restaurant & retail by the impacts:


With over 40 unique dining and retail shops that employ individuals, the success of these concessions contribute heavily to the local and regional economy – they’re a huge source of generating revenue for the airport and providing employment opportunities for people in the region.

Selection mix

The number of tacos and t-shirts sold only represents a small portion of what people can buy and eat at AUS. There are a variety of bites, souvenirs, clothing, travel accessories and more sold which showcases our mission to provide a diverse range of offerings at AUS intended to satisfy the diverse audiences who fly through our doors.

Austin reppin’

The Keep Austin Weird and Tyler’s shirts are popular because they represent Austin and its more recent history. One with live music, dive bars, graffiti parks, and more. Having Austin representation in our products and food is an important introduction when welcoming newcomers from around the globe to AUS. We work with our restaurant and retail partners to ensure this piece of our personality is represented in what they’re selling. And we’re proud to be the first (and last) place passengers experience while in Austin.

Branding and marketing

Whether you want Austin to be popular or not (we know, we know, lines for Barton Springs and BBQ spots downtown aren’t fun), promoting and developing a city’s tourism and attraction as a travel destination is critical to the success of its community. Successful promotion of Austin generates revenue and supports local businesses, which in turn, supports job creation and opens the door for creative opportunities.

Passenger experience

We want all of our passengers to have an unforgettable experience at AUS. We’re our #1 fans and want everyone else to be, too. We think providing delicious, local food and specialty products with the spirit of Austin and Texas are important for creating memorable experiences for our passengers, who get a taste of and feel for Austin at every point in their journey thanks to our retail and restaurant partners.

But these numbers are only the beginning of a successful year at AUS. Read our other blogs that cover what we did in 2023 in terms of environmental achievements, improving the passenger experience, airlines and flight services, expansion projects and plans, and community events.